Incorrect cake reward tokens after transfer


I transferred to a new region Monday. I have been going back and forth with support to ensure my cake amounts would be updated by the closing of pt. 1. My leaderboard was fixed after the event was closed but now I received rewards for a lower tier. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Edit/update: support fixed my issue and sent the correct amount.


After I transferred I moved a dead profile to the old region and the dead profile got all the rewards


I’ve seen something else… :smirk:


My rewards was sent to the region I transferred from !!!


What do you mean?


He got double rewards. Many are getting 2x.

Math is not Scopely’s strong suit. :joy::rofl:


Update : after contacting support… I was sent the correct amount. I hope you guys get your issues fixed.


Oh wow cool lol


Nah. Not me. Just one pull to get a dupe I knew I’d get. lol. Found out from people in Line though.


Not me either, at least one faction mate got 2x.

I mean counting is not really all that difficult once you’re past 1st grade. Impressive display of skill.


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