Incorrect Arena points [11/25]

Greeting survivors,

After a bug fix with 22.0, you have been reporting that you have been receiving the incorrect number of Arena points compared to the actual score breakdown in the game.

This is due to the fact that the number you are seeing is the “Max Points” that you can earn depending on your combat performance and as such is currently working as expected.

Amongst other things, “Max Points” will require you to defeat the opponent on the 1st turn.



The player shows 7k points and max points shown r 10k and I get 6k (on turn 3)… how’s that working as expected?


That’s not true. Before if the supposed max points were 12k and I finished in 3 turns I would get more points (like 13-14k). Now I get less than the 12k points for finishing in the same amount of turns. :thinking:


Basicially you’re messing with arenas points -.- great job. It wasn’t broke before. So you break it. Makes total sense.


You must kill on t1 to get max points

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That shouldn’t be a problem

Clearly something changed with the update.
Not this many players would be disputing the scoring if it had not significantly changed.

I’m assuming this “NEW” scoring is T1 all team members alive.

But that’s just an assumption I haven’t tried it yet.

I do think we should get an explanation why the scoring changed after the update. Because right now it feels very condescending to the players, like we are all making up how much it changed. When in reality I think it just shows the detachment of employees from the actual game.


Exactly… the way arenas scoring worked last week wasnt this way. Now they change it and it apparently is working as untended… then what was the last few months… a bug?


You’re not understanding GR’s message. Before it was showing BASE points at 12k, then when you finish at 3 turns you get a bonus so you end with 13k-14k.

Now, it’s showing MAX points…so the BASE is like 10k, then when you finish at 3 turns you get a bonus so you end with 12k.

It’s completely counter intuitive and stupid.


Do a large portion of players actually win most arena battles on turn one? Large enough for that to be the advertised points expected? Not a great idea.


He just made an edit to the post confirming T1

So you are admitting the game was not working as intended for the past 2 months?

Why can’t you guys just admit that you screwed up and it’s showing the max points… and it will be fixed on the next patch?

its called honesty, something you as a company do not have.


This seems a bit ridiculous to expect killing an S class team turn 1. Seems virtually impossible to get max points with this set up. I would honestly enjoy seeing scopely play their game, and take an average roster, and show us how to pull off turn 1 kills…until then, I’ll stick by saying this is just a bit unrealistic.:+1:t3:


I think the majority are winning in turn 1…for 5* arenas…

Makes about as much sense as assuming you beat them on turn 15 or wherever the cutoff point for no bonus is. Really, this is irrelevant, as long as the relevant weight did not change.

In fact, it now works like before they added the turn bonus, where the points displayed were the maximum amount you could get. The turn bonus changed that, and they’ve now brought it in line with how it was before.

I’m trying really hard to find any situation where this would affect gameplay at all - of course, if you can beat a team in a lot fewer turns, it might make sense to take that one instead of the one awarding more points where you might need a lot of turns. But that was the case before the change to display max points was made.

@GR.Scopely, the display after the battle does not align with the max score though, as shown in one of the previous threads - the point summary shows more points are awarded than the rewards part. This can’t result from one of the two being max score possible, because both are the scores for the current battle. Could you inquire about this? (And, while you’re at it, about the Last words/Gear map issue?)

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The meter is going off again.200w


No 0 days meme? :joy:

Here you go.


If i wipe a team on turn 1 id normally get more than the max points.

If it aint broke dont fix it

There are 100s of things we keep asking for. Terrs to be fixed, FA event, more gesr for s class, more ascendance medals.

But u guys do the opposite and work on stuff no one wants like 5* weapons etc please wake up and listen to your playerbase