Incoming Devs - Any Designers?


@kalishane Out of the new devs coming in to the forums, are any of them designers for the game or just developers? Would love to see some of the UI/X designers in here.

Dev is welcome to Mix with Users


I will see if anyone is interested to come in from that department. It’s worth a try!

Would be cool to talk UI/X since you’re in the same field, right? :slight_smile:


I have oh so many UI/X-related things I’d love to ask the game’s designers about.


They said they’d find someone! :slight_smile:


Dam scopely you better keep this girl, she is an incredible comunity manager.

Finally some changes for good in here, really proactive, answering as posible, with a great attitude, always trying to understand and gatter the important data to look for solutions, good ideas and always aware of everything, congratulations keep up like this!


I’ll probably forget to ask, so if we do get designers on the forum can someone do it for me?

“We have a tiger within the game, and she is a much revered, and saught after character. Are there currently any plans to add a goat to the ascendable characters pool?”



Is there a brave brave soul in the LiveOps team that dares to wonder into this god forsaken place?:wink:


Have to agree, this is quite a change from before. Thanks a lot for all you’re doing @kalishane


I am often reluctant to have developers mix with users on a project without some established protocol.

I suggest publishing the Kanban list so all have visibility to what changes are coming - this is managed by the product owner that takes into account all the stakeholders goals. You may find that the users have a different priority to this list and that is the feedback that can help a lot. What say you?


Best idea ever, you have my blessing. 5* goat which ascends to 6* baphomet :japanese_ogre:


No, we need an average goat who becomes THE Goat, From Goat Simulator.

Complete with magical Tongue use animations.

Edit: Also we would like to see a partnership that introduces the creepy King from BK, complete with exploding hamburgers.



Currently we don’t have one lined up – but! They do normally have the forums open in a separate monitor watching.
(which I suspect might be why no one has volunteered just yet.) Trying to get there!!


giphy (3)


Best simulator ever, after Populous 2


I added the blue bar for bonus HP, does that count :stuck_out_tongue:

Otherwise I’m on the design team, but like Dash, don’t really do the UI side of it here. I make sure all my spreadsheets are aesthetically pleasing though. :wink:


On the UX side I think we can all agree to reduce clicks/swipes and any unneeded movement whilst we do something 100,000 times - it adds up. You must play the game to see this.


Oh u have low tier weapons to break or sell i see too! Lol :confused:


We had this where I came from – but mobile is a different beast in comparison to console.

Mobile changes quickly and often where as console is slow and steady.

I would love to do this – but i’m unsure if this is something I’d be able to bring to you without it causing more harm than help.


Add me to the LiveOps team, and ill volounteer! Ill can have a skype office here in Norway:)

But if anyone from the LiveOps team sees this, i think a member from the team would calm alot of community. This simply because alot of questions can best be answered by the LiveOps team, yes we might not allways like the answer.

But as of now most of the questions are left unanswered, which cause more anger and discontent then needed.

So i hope, really hope one of you can step up and take some time from your busy schedule and answer us:)

Kali, can you make sure they see it?:wink: