Incentives to hold territories

Alright. It’s been a while since we got free trainers in territories and we’re kinda out of fodder to level up 5*. How about revamp territories to they give trainers or 2* when holding? Make them more interesting a fix the lack of fodder. We need incentives to make territories great again :slight_smile: #MTGA


Because they rather you buy trainers from their great offers…

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2* territories 2* trainer (Burt) 3* territories 3* trainer (Brady) 4* territories 4* trainer (basil) with the 4* territories you have the chance of getting a Ulysses and an Aden then 5* territories you get a a 5* benedict with chances of an Aden or Lilith. To make it balanced the 2 and 3 star ones
is 1h 30 minutes to get a trainer and for the 4 and 5 star trainers it would take 3 hours with a possibility of an Eden Lilith or Ulysses

I have a hard enough time just getting the tokens from holding them for an hour and routinely have to message support to have these credited. I really don’t want limited time territory events that will cause the game to crash when I attack, apply defense, load the map, glance down at my phone, accidentally graze my phone when reaching into my purse etc

Why not ascendables or even 6*s. What about some kind of milestone system for terries? But with decent rewards.

Territories should be scrapped. It’s always stunk and with a few exceptions all the rewards are terrible so why would anyone want to try to hold them.

I for one do not miss the 800 inbox messages reminding people to place defensive teams in all the damn time.


They’d have to fix territories first but then again it’s pretty much a failed concept

Everyone in our region put one weak team in any territory.

We realised long ago that with leagues…it’s a absolute waste of time for even the strongest of players.
It’s also still very broken and will never be fixed.

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