Inadequate Compensation for failed blitz war + other issues

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This blitz CRW is a big fail and in light of this customers shouldn’t just be given tokens, 1 trainer and a GPS but ALL of the milestones and Rank 1 prize as well. Because again THIS IS SCOPELY’S ERROR and NOT THE CUSTOMERS FAULT.

  1. Log in issues is still, an issue… This has now been acknowledged by Scopely themselves:

This issue has affected alot of customers and is yet for some to be resolved… it is unfair to those customers and factions who those customers belong to, to of missed out on war and other events because clearly there is an error.

  1. Early start of war - War started earlier than advised 15 mins earlier. If Scopely understood their product and customers, they would understand they right up until the hour, customers are regiging the members in their factions - especially in light that some can’t even log in as in point 1. There should for Scopelys forced early start be compensation for customers because of this

3)War adjustments (CRW blitz instead of AOW) - The adjustment was made late in the day, with war prizes not being adjusted to reflect the increase of regions making participation in war not as profitable for customers IF it had been the advertised AOW blitz, (less competition for rank prizes).

  1. Customers unable to declare war - Now it’s being reported by multiple customers that some are unable to even declare war. A fundamental function that customers need to do to interact and use your product.

The rank rewards are poor (as well as the milestones and milestones being too high for a week days 24 hrs event), but they are rewards nontheless and it’s a event that Scopely have invited customers to take part in due to its advertisement. Customer accordingly adjusted there schedules to make sure they could alot time to be able to war but, they can’t even declare war!

However, some regions have been able to war so now get a lead in rankings and milestones which goes to improve their teams etc. This is not the customers fault. When a company provides a product for customers to use or take part in it should work effectively. Customers who don’t have time but made time can’t even war which is unfair and causes more imbalance in the game.

  1. Long match up waits - As with point 4, the wait times are incredibly long, hours in fact. It’s only a 24 hr war so every min counts. Even if it starts working later on it still has debilitated everyone. This is unfair as it’s not due to any customer action but Scopely issues.

  2. Incorrect CRW blitz regions - We were advised that serval regions would be included but now it appears only to be two regions due to some error cause by Scopely… again this is not the customers fault, prizes have not been adjusted accordingly, and the compensation that is going to be provided is lacking and I’ll thought out.

  3. Direct impact of match ups and ability to declare war/slow matches - This is going to affect factions league position, customers ability to collect elf hats (as part of participation rewards), unfair ranking of prizes because of slow match ups or factions being unable to declare war. Regions being matched with dead regions.

This has a knock on affect on customers… Scopely HAS to take accountability for this.

  1. Customer service & customer equity loss - Poor customer service has been displayed during this time. No apology has been given, no real solution in terms of compensation. If Scopely were in tune with their customers they would understand the effort that goes into organising war, the time it takes and time customers put in to part take.

Sometimes thinking about the customer experience and how badly this has affected customers has to take precedent over the bottom line. Excuses need to stop being made and proper accountability with adequate compensation needs to be given to show, look we had a problem at our end, we hold our hand up and to show that we have taken responsibility and accountability all customers will receive all milestones and top ranking prizes. And in the new years we will be reviewing our processes to make sure we deliver the best player experience to all of our customers


Everything you stated is 100% accurate. I wish I could give this post 2 likes.


SCOPELY, LISTEN TO HER!! She’s right!!

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Scopely really need to change.

Just one big event and scopely may change.

Probably not.

Lol, she

Fixed, ty

I have been told that this issue was fixed yesterday and if anybody still got this issue please PM me.



Yea only respond to the login issue because that so supercedes this war fiasco. Not that not being able login isnt important, dont misunderstand me. It seems Scopely only escalates things when its more than 250 people…& clearly war is affecting everyone to some degree. So only responding to one part of this statement is ludicrous & just shows you guys are incapable of making things right. Taking it to the team is so worn out, we do not want to hear that anymore.


They have a pinned post responding to it. What do you want them to repeat themselves until you accept the response

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The point is out of everything that was written in that long post, he took one little piece out. Didnt even answer why war started 15mins earlier & why it said we were having a war w 7-8 other regions, but ended up only warring if we can call it that with one region.


The login bug is the only thing he can do anything about they made their statement decided on the compensation. Is it good enough No obviously not but expecting anything to change or be different isnt gonna happen

But we should hold them accountable & not attack people who are trying to hold them accountable & responsible for not answering certain things & also for giving piss poor responses, such as “noted” & “taking it to the team” without ever getting an answer.


It just gets old man I’ve been watching this for the last 3 years it hasnt gotten better and going on a huge rant stating the obvious things that have been said 10 times this week alone and thinking it is making a difference has become delusional. Another rant isnt going to fix it

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scopely just keeps cycling on log in unless you then tap on the screen . been like it for months!!!

It’s crazy how both of you are right but on opposite ends of that spectrum.

I remember members on the OLD forum making long, drawn out posts like this one. It served no one in the end.


In Nightmare we were 1ste now we 2nd and a loser faction is stomping us in points we can’t even match. I want collectables thx was warring for 1ste place not 2nd. Compensate us its Christmas after all.


At least you had 25 wars…we are on war number 3.


At least you had 3. Still at 1 and unable to declare and we war round the clock


Ours just barely cleared up. 1 war was at start of blitz. 2nd match happened 3 hours ago.