Inactivity problem solution


I see accounts of people who quit the game 2 years ago. Scopely should start to sweep these accounts and this is how:

1- after 15 days send mail to owner of account. Everyone has put mails because of connection with facebook. In this mail there will be a warning that the account will be discontinued after a certain amount of time.
2- 30 day account inactivity = account in quarantine. The account is still on the server, but is not counted as server load anymore, thus the server load moves from full towards empty.
3- 15 days before permanent delete of account another mail.
4- after 3 months inactivity, account is permanently deleted. Recovery is only available if the server is not full. Those who want the account back, could put a notification system if another account was permantly deleted, so they can enter again.

I think this is the only solution to solve the inactivity problems on servers who are currently too big to merge. Im sure there’s a policy that prevents accounts to be deleted because of the investment, but with the warning system, it means people were aware and notified and therefor it was their decision to let the account be deleted.

With the recovery system, however, there’s always a way to come back (eventually). If scopely wants the game to survive another year, or even a few years, this is the solution.


Pretty big if on surviving bud.


lol nope. :joy:

  1. It is work for Scopely
  2. not everyone use their email account private so few wouldn’t get a notification.
  3. Some just have a break for few months or decide later to come back.
  4. It is a very short period of time
  5. Is it really possible to recover a account after it got deleted? Also after few months, a year?
  6. I’m not quite sure but I think according to their tos they already have the right to delete inactive accounts without notification…
  7. I don’t think region merging is in Scopelys interest…


Its their problem if they didnt get the notification. I just mean that the account gets moved from the server, maybe stored somewhere and can be retrieved and reactivated on the server if there is room for it. If people stop to play for a few months, they should be able to be replaced. A lot of paid servers work in this kind of way, even on very big games. Its just that a lot of new players join a server with a low load as they think their chances there are better.


Ok didn’t knew. Yes maybe but most ppl will just continue to play on their start server or eventually switch to a newer one except the one who want to play with someone they know. Still hope some new players find their way to older servers. We also have relative new players in our faction.


Leave the inactives alone they aren’t bothering anyone… its up to them if they want there accounts gone via email


They do. They keep the server full and no new people can join…


Not cool imo. What if someone is seriously ill and hospitalised for a few months and can’t play. They lose all thier work and possibly money spent because they got sick, no thanks.


You didnt read everything. They are able to retrieve it again, they are just not counted as server load until they decide to come back. The definitive thing i kept on 3 months, but could be longer. And even when it is definitive, there’s a back up lf their account, but it just depends if the server is full or not to let them play again right away. And as you know, a lot of players start this game and play only a week. Some might even just download and play the game because its an offer for another game. So im sure it will never take longer than a day for someone to retrieve their account


I missed that part I have a short attention span. As long as the account is recoverable it’s a alright idea. Lots of extra work for Scopely which probably means it won’t happen or if it does it would negatively impact something else they had to pull developers from working on or fixing. They really should implement migration for the truly dead regions. Allow them to move to one of the medium activity regions so those regions become higher activity.


My only question, what does this solve? You empty a two year old server, and what kind of idiot will try and play catch up there instead of joining a newer server? Don’t have any issues with the mechanism you’re suggesting, I’m just not sure what the purpose of it is?

You mention too big to merge, but I don’t think that’s what is preventing region merging is it?


Some ppl’s inboxes don’t work half the time


Well no one should be able to see what a new regions is. Besides, when you are a new player and start to play the game, you are randomly pushed into a server that has a lower load. So yes, it does solve a problem. The problem is that the least active regions are full ones, so they dont get new players. The only way to solve it, is to make a bit of room in those regions.

I understand that people prefer a migration system where you could jump into another region. However, there is one really bad thing about this which no one seems to see. It will prevent people to engage in competition. If you cant become the first in your region, you simply ask the whole faction to switch to another server. You sneak peak the server to see how strong it is, you all move and voila, you easily win 1st rank prizes. No migration doesnt solve a thing. Make it random, and you might end up in an even worse region, make it something you could choose and people join regions where they could be superior


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