Inactive faction members

Is there a way to know which faction members are active? I guess I’m the leader now and my faction has only accepted active members since I joined it

Check how they are doing on faction events, also check their prestige to see if it changes each day.

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Click on factions, then members, the pull down tab at the top you can select to sort by last log on


Easiest way is league scores and FA tickets


I dual mine in friendly battles. I find this is maybe not the best but a good way to see if they’re working on defenses as time changes like not everyday but maybe every two weeks.See if they have new weapons or characters.

All of the above and speak to them


Arrange a trail of Reese’s pieces leading to a box propped up with a stick with a rope attached. If they are active they will follow the trail and you can catch them. If it doesn’t work, find new members. You can do this by arranging a trail of Reese’s pieces…


Honestly, it just sounds like your entire faction is inactive judging by the way you were just handed leadership.

I would just find a new faction.


I’m stuck in this hashtagged box, luckly I have my phone and 13 candies to hold me over until this cruel motherhashtagger frees me.



I good idea should be how is active that day or it should tell you how is online and if they where on the day before

jesus, are you seriously keeping track of peoples’d toons and weapons???

FA tickets is probably the best way of gathering the overall activity.

Raid leaderboard - well I keep dropping cause I cant be bothered to raid but i do fairly well in faction events,.
The Last On filter - tells you only that they opened the game, it could have been their kid playing with their phone. But if someone has not been on for days then boot the fuckers.
League scores - some will want to keep their league score low on purpose to be demoted to then get an easier promotion and coins so I wouldnt rely on that.