Inactive accounts/regions

Dear Scopely

Three ideas for discussion:

  1. Delete accounts which were inactive for long time (for exapmle half a year or year). It will show a real activness of each region in numbers. At this time we can only see low/medium/high. It is not enough

  2. Make a change in transfer system. Completly clean some regions. Before it - give an announce that you have … weeks/months to make a transfer to … ( a list of region). What will it give? More competitive regions. At this time many people still play low active regions because the dont now where to move

  3. Make a change in faction moving system. Starting from bronze is not fair. Maybe 1 league lowering but not from bottom. It is also a barrier for many factions to male a move


@DarkLord 2 will not wok because of ftp dont got that much coins and we will just lose our account i wouldn’t have this idea

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Hell no to delete accounts. What if that person wants to come back to the game?


There is no way Scopely will arbitrarily delete accounts, not when they are potential players and money makers.

I am no programmer, but maybe if Scopely sent out a few messages with a verification link or something to every player, and tracked the response, they would see what accounts are dormant.
Then you could have support message those dormant accounts with a notice that if they do not respond to support in a certain time frame, the account will be suspended and removed.

THEN, take all those suspended and dormant accounts and dump them into a dead region (which will be identified by the individual responses… following me here?) and if that player comes back, there would be a prompt to “re instate” the account, and they are in a region they can then transfer out of because part of the reinstatement is a free key. @JB.Scopely, could something like this be done??

Problem solved. No charge. Make RTS Great Again.


They wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) delete accounts, but they could easily add a filter to eliminate inactive accounts from their workflow that calculates the low/med/high region activity.

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rule already exist there just moving at snails pace

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That’s from may 22nd when it went thru with a update. My region has 1k beyond 1k of prestige 0s so I’ve been waiting

I don’t believe number of inactive player accounts is heavily weighted in the high/medium/low designation already, if it’s weighted at all.

Can we gather some data here? Go to your raid leaderboard, swap to global, and scroll ALLLLL the way down to the bottom. While you’re scrolling down, there will be an indicator bar on the right side showing you how far down you are. Take a screenshot when you actually get to the bottom. (I’ve been scrolling on and off for about 10 minutes now in one of my regions and will post here when I get to the bottom.) Post your screenshot here along with the name of the region and an indicator of Low/Medium/High. I’ll get info for 2 low regions and 2 mediums for sure (be patient, work is exploding today).

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Haha that would take a while my region as well I’m in og region that’s 3+ years old

I have whole factions in region with prestige 0s

there is atleast that many in my region this a rep 0 but they also stretch atleast 10k places on rep broad

That 1 atleast play in different region but most 0s are prestige 0

Prestige not always a marker 1&2 ranked in Cook both lvl 13 & quit months ago. Also there’s gona be a bunch of 2nd, 3rd, 4th accounts etc that are lying dormant in regions but they are in reality linked to active accounts. Do you think Scope can differentiate between the living & the dead accounts, they get most things wrong I wouldnt like to trust them with this. I do agree something needs done, I just have no belief they will or trust that they could get it right.

Blizzard deletes accounts after so many months No way this is why I stopped playing Blizzard games

Months haha in Marion we have accounts that haven’t logged on since 2015 to early 2016

Even remove that 1s that haven’t logged on in a year + would be nice. If you play in some region keep them I have no problem with that technically there not the sea of the dead

Silinsin hesaplar

Why is this a problem? How do inactive accounts affect your day-to-day life? I mean I get it. Out with the old in with the new, but is this even an issue

I didn’t even read past you want scopely to delete people’s accounts. For whatever reason a player has to not play for a long period of time doesn’t mean it’s okay to delete their hard earned progress and time/money spent. You sir are absurd.

They should just move inactive accounts (more than 6 months) to a closed region for dead accounts and give a free transfer key to each player so they can move back to an active region if they start playing again.

The game should send them a message if they log back in inviting them to move back to an active region for free. This will help clean up the active regions of dormant accounts.

Accounts should never be deleted though - I know players who have come back to playing the game after more than a year of stopping playing for various reasons.