In your opinion who is your favorite female/Male survivors in TWD

I like Rosita, Maggie, and Michone, and Negan.

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On the TV show, Morgan for sure. I also like Daryl and Negan. Andrea also in regards to the comics.

I’m gonna say Dwight, because you cannot go wrong with Dwight.


Definitely Daryl would love to see him on the game.

Jesus. Comic Jesus, of course. The Guy that beat up Abraham and Michonne (Together), Negan and Beta. The Guy is a freaking ninja xD.

And Andrea, of course. Sniper. Tango down.


Actually not Dwight. The Governor is the stuff. You cannot go wrong with him.

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Lee, for the TT Games series. Even though we only had him for a season, he was pretty great to connect with.
As for the comics, I’m gonna have to say Negan for his development lately.
And lastly, the show, can’t go wrong with Rick and his badassery.

Don’t have any now, the TV show ruined every character I used to like.

What they did to the Governor and Andrea was just so far below expectations that they had to do a Fan Service moment and kill off Andrea in a grusome way to placate Reddit