In your OPINION, What is the best 6* Revive and Shield in the game?

I’m curious. Let’s see what ya’ll think.

I’ll go with Jesus and Gabriel.

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Magna and Gabriel

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Jesus (or Koa with the 0 damage weapon) and holly


Jesus and violet

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Jesus and Erica or Gabriel

Dante and magna

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still erika and magna combination is way better thn others imo

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Erika and Magna with Hp mods but there is a glitch with Erika. So Gabe and Jesus

Jesus gives me more trouble than Magna, but it’s very hard to call either better than the other.
Revives have gotten stronger but I’d say Gabriel, Holly and Mackenzie/Violet are the top 3 revives (3rd being a tie).


Do what now?


Magna is best shield by miles. Gabe and Holly probably best revive

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Jesus and Lydia because abs just negates so much other stuff.

Jesus & Magna relatively equal imo, but would go for Jesus due to being able to reduce damage to zero while Magna can only impair.

Revive is far more difficult though, Gabriel has revive AR and AS, Lydia is slow but gives bonus HP to all and I’m yet to see a Holly that wasn’t manageable tbh. Not convinced by Active only revives. Would probably say Gabriel.

Shield, jesus, or if ur a vker, Andrea bc abs. Revive, vi,dante,Lydia or holly

Well maybe not anymore but they were a good duo for a long time and I love the Christmas vacation gif

Gabe and jesus

What’s the Erika glitch ?

Magna and Gabriel

If you use certain ARs on her she only uses her HP boost and not the healing part of her own AR not sure how it triggers. It makes her really easy to take out.