In what world is scopely?


“Just to be clear, we can’t verify your ownership of the account if you can’t provide the required information. Now since you mentioned that you did not spend any in this game, it just means that you can’t provide a receipt which is a vital document for us to verify that you are the rightful owner of this account that you’re trying to retrieve. Meaning we can’t give you the account.”
This is what I got after trying to get my account back for like a week. Then gave up because it wouldn’t make any sense. F2P players have always been screwed in this game


So we just have to shut up and stop complaining? That scopely shows me the paragraph of the rules of the game where it is stipulated that we are in the OBLIGATION to buy. It’s not written anywhere. so to the extent that they decide the future of an account, that they keep their game filled with bugg, cheats and vk.
Good luck to all


The only thing i can think of, log in the game on the old phone, unlink the facebook account, make a new one and link that, switch devices, if he didnt sub to survivors club for the free trail then can do that and cancel right away but this creats a purchase receipt, screenshot it and save it. Other than that your friend cant get the account. As for this pos game yea, cheating is allowed, bugs are all over, the company is shit, most of the players are shit, etc. At this point im ready to turn to cheating, ive already turned to trolling


Downloading the game creates a receipt in his respective play store. Yes, it is a free app and yes, he may have never spent. But the initial download creates a receipt


How would you access the receipt? Would it have been emailed at the initial install or is it saved in the google/app store?


Both actually. I just went into my Apple ID on my phone, viewed prior purchased and have a receipt for Google Earth, Idle Heros, and Summoners War all on the first page. All the Apps were free as well


What world?! Its called “ka-ching world”!


I can’t find one in my Google play account, I can see enough receipts to embarrass me but nothing from the initial download (not that I’ve lost my account, just trying to help the guy)

This is as far as my order history goes.


Sounds intriguing. Careful what you say on here. A friend of mine was very mouthy on forum at the time of kalishane and one morning he woke up b :hammer: nned for harrasment. Months of tryna figure out why and how and he finally just gave up. I know how he felt and how we felt losing one of our friends but just be careful what you say here. I don’t trust scopely one bit lol. They cover things up and silence the truth. For God’s sake they didn’t even wish us a merry Christmas. :laughing:


Depends on the guys history (obviously us older players, the initial download may be over 3 years ago) but it should have been in the email linked to the account as well.

I am not sure how far back my iTunes goes. Probably goes back further on the computer vs the phone


tbh honest I don’t remember receiving an email, but as you say it was a long long time ago now & if I did get one it’s probably long since been deleted.

Now of course Scopely want to ensure that accounts aren’t sold, & I totally get that, they want people buying pulls to build a roster rather than buying one ready made, or at least that’s the company line we hear, but surely when an account shows as never having had money spent on it then it should bypass the receipt rule. I mean, who’d buy a F2P account for actual money?


People would, you bypass a lot of the grinding. You can make you own dinner for cheaper than going out, but going out means you don’t have to cook or clean the kitchen and you get waited on. Same thing here


His account was released from Facebook so impossible for him to recover.


maybe he just doesn’t want to play anymore and this is his excuse


What’s viki pass? Is she hawt?


If he does not want to play anymore why harass the audience to recover his account? I do not understand your reasoning.


You’re the only one I see harassing here. Every method of account recovery has been covered here. Support is the only way to go. No one here can/will help you.


If he subscribed to the free subscription to survivors club he would have a reciept. People say in Google there is a receipt from downloading the game, I have yet to find that. Good luck tho so far I have seen them refuse to reconnect an account anymore unless you give up your first, second, and third child, bank account info, house deed, car pink slip, and oh proof that you spent even if your f2p.


This is why Apple is better :wink:


Lmao apple Also charges more for coins:) I have both but prefer to use my phone for most games…besides my son has hijacked my iPad and I highly doubt I can even find room to put My stuff on MY iPad lol