In what world is scopely?

I post here because the forum is my last resort. I know that the subject has already been discussed several times, but I believe that the moment has come to push a big shot of mouth. I have a friend who can not connect to his account because he had a problem with his Facebook account. he has provided all the info (account code, nickname, level and name of the faction where he is) and scopely persists in not wanting to do anything for him to the extent that he can not provide them with proof of purchase , and for good reason he has never bought anything on the gameso @ JB.Scopely, if you’re interested in your player a little bit, make sure that I can get my playmate back



Keep on surviving


I do not want to continue to survive, I want those who make fun of the TWD community of players to move for once and do the right thing.

The support does not care. All they want is a purchase receipt that does not exist since it has never bought anything on the game

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‘Since it has never purchased’
The machines are becoming sentient

He is 100% f2p. Not 1 cents put in this game.

Any ss of play store showing original download code? Does he have his acct code? I understand your frustrated, but u have to look at it from scopes side. Person is saying that this is their acct and low link to this device but no info about said acct?

He provided them with the account code that only the owner of the account can have.

They only want to see that you spent money, nothing else is proof, the account code is useless

To op, your friend lost their account, scopely wants to see that your friend spent money otherwise they dont care for them, sorry about your friends loss but look at it this way, they are free now and can go play better games


So in a game that is supposed to be free, scopely forces us to take out the credit card if we want to keep an account? I think the title of this topic would be rather “scopely and his racket”.
Thank you all and here’s one more proof that this game is now focused on p2p players. good luck to the players.

qe will take it to the team
I.e. he doesn’t spend so why would scopely care
good bye

This is actually Scopely’s attitude towards F2P, they do only care about spenders & while you could see some form of logic in that from a short term business perspective, it is actually killing the game, retirements from F2P across the board is seeing activity dry up and the lack of activity is seeing P2W retirements.

It’s got to the point now where even the games biggest hitting faction are having to hunt for new members & post recruitment threads on here, meanwhile @ Scopely HQ they’re currently shouting LALALALA at the top of their voices with their fingers in their ears, trying to create the next OP toon to cater to their dwindling elite whales.


If perhaps he still has the phone his account was originally on? Did this person not link his account to Facebook? I’m unsure what problem you can have with facebook not linking. Regardless you can just make a fake Facebook for games. I mean is is so hard to link your progress to make sure something like this doesn’t happen? Not trying to be an asshole but if it was linked he wouldn’t have this problem. If you can find the old phone it was on and re-download it on there then link it you don’t need to go through support. Hope it works out.

why would they care about f2p
they have milked this game dry, created a new game to milk
still have some whales which they create new content for
once again why care about f2p, it’s not like they earn much from ads

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get ur friend to photograph it credit card and promise that you would spend 50k if they get ur account back
they might listeb

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It was on his original phone that the problem with his Facebook account took place. He wanted to change Facebook account and it was the next morning that the problem arose. He could not get his game back. Scopely turned a deaf ear and continues to demand proof of purchase. so @ JB.Scopely, if the f2p are not interested anymore, having at least the trick to say it openly. Many of us are struggling to get his account back, and if you do not want to, some of us, including big players, are ready to stop the game

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“Just to be clear, we can’t verify your ownership of the account if you can’t provide the required information. Now since you mentioned that you did not spend any in this game, it just means that you can’t provide a receipt which is a vital document for us to verify that you are the rightful owner of this account that you’re trying to retrieve. Meaning we can’t give you the account.”
This is what I got after trying to get my account back for like a week. Then gave up because it wouldn’t make any sense. F2P players have always been screwed in this game


So we just have to shut up and stop complaining? That scopely shows me the paragraph of the rules of the game where it is stipulated that we are in the OBLIGATION to buy. It’s not written anywhere. so to the extent that they decide the future of an account, that they keep their game filled with bugg, cheats and vk.
Good luck to all