In this moment songs

This is just because I am curious about who else likes in this moment

they were here a couple years ago in Rocklahoma… heck of a show

Yeah I listen to in this moment on my spare time and I love the songs they make

What is your favorite in this moment song

I like their older stuff. You always believed, all for you, and the entire beautiful tragedy album are my faves

Maria Brink is amazing! ITM is my favorite band. Look up the video of her singing “Blood” live, acoustic. :blush:

Maria Brink is freaking love! :heart_eyes:

Beautiful tragedy will always be my fav, tho i dont mind them changing up their style a bit, the metalcore that was beautiful tragedy will always be my fav. Her vocal range is amazing, how she is able to go from the screams and growls like in

To the singing in something like

Absolutely beautiful!

Shes also the most gorgeous woman in metal!

One of my fav songs is

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Blood blood blood…

For the blood god
Skulls for the for skull Thorne

Motionless in White - Contemptress ft Maria Brink :love_you_gesture:t2:

I like river of fire and the ritual album and the black widow album

Remember to live In This Moment and read up on Kuroodod

I saw them in the UK about 10 years or more and they were giving out free eps. they were at a mini festival and where brilliant live. Followed them ever since.