In the 5* wheel who’s still useful to you?


As for the wheel lately I’ve been plagued by 3skylars in a row and blue mark 3x used them as fodder for ty. But who is still useful behind a 6* leader? Sure they are viable in other places survival road for instance but what are you still rocking either on defense or attack in the 6* era ?


Shiva, Carl, and Tyrese to an extent.


Just carl. Make a wheel with just carl.


Shiva, that little kitty keeps avoiding me :confused:


i only needed shiva from there and got her last week now i need none they are all just fodder. And will only use tokens when i need fodder otherwise will wait for next update to see if anything interesting goes there.


I only have Zeke, so no 6* Leader. I would love to have some of characters, my favorites were: Blue Clementine, Shiva Force Rick, Kate or SMG Rosita. So gar I got, Rosa, Christa :pensive: and Earl Suttton (Yellow Earl).


I’m missing Carl :frowning:


Yellow 5* Kate. Her focus heal is awesome


To me, only the ones that can be ascended. Otherwise, anything in the wheel I’ll never use other than for fodder.


Carl <7chars


Shiva and Carl are awesome !


I got revive glenn who is useful, and red David who stuns a line for 2 goes, who i’ll also find a use for other than using him as fodder. Also got a darlene who looks good for Survival Road.


michonne with abs behind carl lead is still viable aswell even better than magna in current meta imo.


Acendable toons (future and current), toons that have useful qualities for SR (camo, remove negative effects, crit bonus), revivers or shields.




There are a bunch I would like to get that would be new to me. :slight_smile:


I have 3 Shivas and 4 Carls so I don’t really care for more…

I’d like Barker as he’s the only ascendable in the wheel I don’t have

Other than that, I don’t have Rosa, Gatherer Morgan, Blue Clem, or Whisperer Heath and I’d like to have them for various reasons.

And of course, MARK


Darlene is awesome for SR. guardian and a big crit bonus, on top of having a heal if you ever need that in the walker levels, which you wont very often because of the crit bonus and guardian. Being a rebel she is also almost always available on the persona restricted levels. give her a crit weapon with a large bonus to AP and she will be able to rush on the turn her crit boost ends as well.

There is a good few toons on the wheel that are useful for SR or possibly even for faction assault, but I don’t think any toon from the 5* wheel will ever get near my raid team. there is a number of revives in there I didn’t previously have, Crit buffers, or healers are useful mainly for SR.

I would really like Rosa if she is in the wheel as so far she has alluded me in my ascending about 10 green’s.


In my opinion, the majority of the xp leaders aren’t that useless.


that is a fair point, I haven’t tried running my 6* behind an XP leader, as I went for Mirabelle first, but I should probably try having a play around with this.