In Squad we trust! Join us ❤

Suicide Squad is now recruiting! We’re excited for the opening of region transfers. We are an up and coming Diamond 4 League, Top 25 faction and took part in the winning region of ToC. We’re looking for strong, active, respectful team players / Groups that are open to communication. Who aren’t afraid of kicking some butt while we continue to grow, and want to compete with the the best in the game. We’re all about methodical strategic play, and offer individual training. So if you’re ready to up your game or enjoy having a bit of fun with players on your level. Any questions or inquiries, please message me (Gøddèśś) on line chat. My ID: Und3dxgod3ss :grinning: We’re also recruiting for a strong sister faction we can utilize with the current meta, and give players a chance to work their way up with successful training. We look forward to meeting you!


Serious question, how do you “train” someone in this game? You cant really help them besides saying" just blow all your money on the most recent gen 2 or s class"


Good luck!

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Thank you @Rickygrimes :blush:

There’s plenty of ways :blush: anyone can blow tons of cash on toons and still not have any skill haha. Join and see :grinning:


Goodluck Guys!

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What’s the sister faction called?

They are the sister faction I

To AP? Maybe I’m wrong.

Maybe it’s a sister - sister faction… I could get in the middle of that… :grin:

I think you’re confusing “faction” with “action” there.

Hit us back when you want to “PAY” for us to play with and for you.

:joy: Currently it’s Multiple Wargasms. Not sure if we will change it though haha. Love the name.

Thank you Gorgeous :kissing_heart:

Did they used to be just Wargasm?

Wargasm was from Morgan. Awesome old school faction :heart:


I remember them to old school faction

Keep the name as is good name

Example, whomever is running this defense needs training.

Wuh? Bruhh…You need training to play this game? Even after 4 years? Looooool sorry not tryna be mean but it sounded like you’re hiring someone to teach you the ways of the Elder scrolls.
I mean chess makes sense but this?

All the best with the recruitment btw. Hope your faction does well. :four_leaf_clover:

Haha. I’ve been leading and playing in top factions for 3 years. We offer a chance to players who have the ability and want to grow. Think you may have misconstrued the message :wink: Thanks for the well wishes, but I would like to keep my post optimistic :blush: