In retrospect, the Pathways Event

Dear Scopely @TayTron @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely and @PlayersCouncil,

Looking back at what we got from that pathways event. Has to be some of the best prizes. How I took those Benedict boxes for granted!

Could we please have another event that allows us to gain trainers and coins of that magnitude? It was excellent and now the struggle to level is real!


People liked the prizes. Scopely will not make that mistake again.


Let’s hope that isn’t the case, some good things happening since #playersunited got the ball rolling.

Which one the Maggie one?

Pathways was doable strictly because it was filled with bugs and loopholes. Scopely never wanted the majority of us to get all those Bennies.
And now you praise them for that event? The irony.


I don’t think anything good happened because of players united, the pathways event was planned long before that started


I just loved this event

The struggle to level is making me want to quit it’s so bad. It’s like the 2000th trainer depression.

Whether the actual outcome was desired or not, doesn’t change that it was bloody awesome (full roster issues aside) being so full of trainers.

I only just dropped below my roster cap this weekend and missed 3m in the level up for the first time since the event and, with f_ck all to do in the game, am barely logging in.

Its funny when bugs work in favor of the player (yay I got so many bennies and coins thanks scopely for the bugs) and the player base brings out the pitchforks over all bugs that that are not in there favor. A bug is a bug can’t have it both ways yet everyone asking for pathways event to return is asking for more bugs.

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You were more likely to pull benedicts. I heard a lucky mfer pulled back to back 20k

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