In-game trading platform


Can we have that pleeeeeease? Charge a fee in gold for each transaction and lets go :slight_smile:


Lol, pochemu by i net? Balans etoy igry uzhe razrushen, poetomu ya predpolagayu, chto vkhozhdeniye v torgovyy post sdelayet yego yeshche khuzhe, znaya, chto nikto ne zakhochet tratit’, yesli torgovlya proizoydet.

Lol why not? This game’s balance is already ruined, so I guess bringing in a trading post will make it even worse knowing nobody would want to spend if trading happens.


Thats a very god idea. Hope scopely think about that.:+1:


Been suggested since time immemorial, and rejected for just as long.

Something about too much opportunity for exploit and cheating, plus Scopely have yachts, cocaine and pancakes to buy for their families this Christmas which they won’t afford if you stop buying all those great value offers


Honestly, i don’t think its a good idea. If you think your top factions are strong now, this would make it 10x worse.


P. S

Google translate sucks, so excuse it if it got anything wrong.


Suprisingly it was great :slight_smile:


We have CRW and top faction have some growth potential now plus it would be a great new feature and a way to attract new players to low pop regions :slight_smile:


Yea and low faction would be dead Because the top factions are completly op.

This Feature would be the end of the game. More broken then the 6* release. With no 6* release it would have been possible but not anymore.


The issue is, some guys have every character, including duplicates. As well as every weapon available. So they set up a second account and put half in their, get someone else to play it. Or they get a new player in the faction, and between the other faction members they build an account with top toons and a windowless defence. This is what can happen legitimately.

The other side, is a hacker builds an account with every toon and weapon and then runs a sideline passing off hacked stuff through the trade feature. There’s very little hack detection at the moment, so what does scopely do when someone trades for what they think is legit stuff, and it turns out it was hacked?


How about putting some restrictions in there? Like only inside-faction trading, and you need to be in this faction for a long period of time, or a prestige 10 only available, something like that?


The prestige 10 rule would just be a brutal rape for new players. Just a rape.


I also think I should have a trading system in the game, only Gear would already help a lot, could have a system of storing items in the faction. @kalishane


Never going to happen with toons, cheaters will increase tenfold. A donation system for gear or something with a daily gap would be better fit for this.


I just want to give out my useful dupes dammit :smiley:


Don’t charge gold directly, but rather charge Trade Tickets.

Trade Tickets could, of course, be sold in the shop for coins. But they could also be tournament prizes and rewards in other areas as well.


I am doomed to repeat myself “you are asking too much, engine won’t hold, visual glitches, can’t talk, pancakes cocaine flavored…”


This has been suggested so many times and I’m glad it’s not implemented. It might be good for a few players but it would be terrible for the overall game.


Considering previous features implementing and feedback I am waiting for trading ground available tommorrow :smiley:


before trade they should give at least trashcan where we could dumb materials…