In game support crashing my game

I’m trying to figure out why YGL was taken from me on the day of the long awaited faction level up when I have completed all the scavenger missions. My camps are level 12 and 15. Everytime I try to contact in game support, my phone crashes. This never used to happen. I hate complaining, but I get more and more frustrated with this game everyday.



Before, even if my prestige missions were not available, I could always see it in cool down. All of my prestige missions are completely gone.

Same thing here. When level starts my 100k mission is gone. And comes back when level up is done. I dont see it on cooldown either. Same problem every time. In game name gulio7

Try this link here or send an email to – hope that helps!

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There are 2 replies from support showing up on the in game support. I can’t access them, they won’t open, and are causing the game to freeze and crash. Is there some way to have them removed. They are irrelevant and the issue has been resolved.

Reinstall your game and all your replies should be deleted.
But your account need to be connected to facebook otherwise you risk to lose him.

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