In game notice about raid drops

Some people didn’t get all their hearts for the heart events. Now the hearts have stopped dropping. Yes we were given a time and date in an msg. But that needs to be converted to the local date and time. Plus most read the msg when the event started. So they have forgotten when drops end.

I would like to suggest having a spot on the raid tabs that shows what u can get to drop. Like u can for world maps. U can see what gear or weapons drop. I would also like to see a timer on how long these drops last.

This could help clear up confusion and player frustration.

It boggles my mind that there could be an overlap between people who wanted to have enough right hearts and those didn’t raid enough to get them. Just using natural energy I ended up with a ridiculous surplus


There was a raid tournament right after the heart event started. I was able to pull down 4k of hearts during the tournament so I was good to go for the duration of the event. Some people just need to plan ahead. The 500 extra hearts from the milestone put me over the top early to completing the museum parts.