In game news are outdated


Is there anyone who supposed to update ingame news content? Seems they getting lazy, the idea was good so we shouldn’t come to forum every day browsing hundreds of topics to find the latest news, updates, new toons, calendars etc.
The last news ingame is like 2 weeks old before the woc. We have new events, deals, update coming, but nothing there.
We have a new community manager he could try the impissible and get info out of scope before they start something new and give us full informstion what we can except

Another thing is like the new token deals doesnt have proper information. It says 1% for a ascendsble character pull or you can get paws. But zero info about the paws chance breakdowns how many you can get and what %. Basically they violate both apple and android play basic tos and any1 can get a refund as there were no information what you buy, its just a gambling.

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Probably lower expectations more lol

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