In-Game Localization Issues

Hello everyone!

The team requested a thread dedicated to bugs and issues that appear in game regarding localization.

This can be anything from:

The wrong word in any given language to the wrong stat or ability from one language to the next!

Please reply here with the issues you have and the team will keep their eyes on it to fix when they pop up!

Thank you for our time!



Well, apparently this thread has never been used before. @JB.Scopely should we close this or somehow make it more obvious when it should be used?

Just stacking this on here.

shortened version of Need for a fixed (pinned) Thread/Category for ingame translation errors with moderator

Localisation German

Armory/Weaponseffect (somehow connected see details)

Blue (Special) Weapon Effect (Defender 3)
english original: Bonus-Def: +35% when taking damage from enemies with more than 60% HP
german error: Bonus-Vert: +35% wenn man von Gegnern mit weniger als 60% HP angegriffen wird
german fixed: Bonus-Vert: +35% wenn man von Gegner mit mehr als 60% HP angegriffen wird
error short: more == mehr , less == weniger
STATUS: open

Details on this:
these more/less in german mehr/weniger errors are quiet all over the game, but i noticed something strange.
weapons seem to have two descriptions (short, long) when looking at weapons having these special effect from above, the translated short description (team, change weapon) is right: Enemy with more mehr than 60% HP, but when getting the details of the weapon via “info I button” it says : Enemy with less weniger than 60% HP

Chars / Toons
Red Kapoor S-Class AR-Description
english original: Deal 1500 MAIM Damage to a line of enemys .
german error: Fügt einem Feind und einem Feind in der Nähe 1500 Schaden durch …
german fixed: Fügt einer Reihe von Gegnern 1500 Schaden durch …
error short: german description tells AR is hitting one enemy and one enemy nearby with 1500 Maim … actually his AR is hitting a line of enemys == einer Reihe von Gegnern
STATUS: open

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