In-game inbox not displaying msg properly

Hey, I noticed this bug a while back but it went away for a little while. Now it’s back.

What I’ve noticed is that it will load the messages on the first page that shows up. When scrolling down, all of the loaded messages disappear and it doesn’t load new ones.

It only does this to messages from other players. The messages from the game itself will always display fine.

I’ll see if I can post some ss.

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First screen of inbox

Scrolling down

Scroll back to first page


Sometimes it will load one message randomly as I scroll down. But it goes away as soon as I resume scrolling. Even if I still have the spot where the message should be on the page. Scrolling once will erase it.

I realize this may be somewhat of a connection issue. But when the rest of the game is running fine, I still get this issue.

It just makes it annoying scrolling down looking for old messages.

Anyone else experience this?

Edit: I noticed this after the character cap was increased for inbox messages. So maybe something else in the coding was changed at the same time?


I have this and started a thread on the Bugs forum a while ago. combatdevil couldn’t replicate the issue and so getting round to fixing it just didn’t happen. Looks like we’ll just have to live with it.


AHh ok. I tried to search it but I couldn’t find an existing thread.

I think it is really related to internet connection so unless he has some way of testing with a limited connection I think it would be hard to replicate.

Had this happen to me a few times. It seems to clear up on its own when it feels like it. Things like this suck but we should sorta be used to all the jank in the game by now. Not that it’s acceptable but it is what it is. lol.

Here it is

For me I don’t think it’s an internet connection thing.


Hey! @CombatMan

I see you looked into this before. Anyway you can check it on a bad connection to see if it has something to do with internet connectivity?

I don’t get any pop ups telling me I lost connection, but the way the messages load make it look like some sort of lag issue.

I have seen it not work at all (as described in my first post)

But I have also seen it act the same way (showing blank messages when scrolling) and actually load the messages pretty fast once I stop scrolling. So the issue seems to exist on a spectrum, not a duality.

I’ll see if I can get a video.

Will do. Thanks for the additional info

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This has been happening to me for months

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Here is a video of the glitch

That’s what I get.

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Still unable to repro the bug. Thanks for posting the video, though. Looks like it may be related to having quite a few messages available, though

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So I’ve somewhat reproduced this at the point of having 90 messages available. It becomes more problematic the more messages that exist in the messages tab. Thanks for the info in this thread.

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I have it, too.

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Me too, I’m at a stage where my old messages don’t display at all, even after waiting ten minutes, just blank info as posted above.

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