In-Game Harassment

Hi everyone!

I know quite a few of you have been contacting me as of late (especially) with screenshots of being harassed in-game.

I don’t want to miss any that may have been sent a while ago and are buried in my messages from maybe even the old forum. (Or may have titles that might be hard to distinguish what’s inside.)

Please PM me with screenshots you’ve seen or experienced regarding this if you can.

Thank you for your help! It’s important to us that we tackle this problem alongside cheating.

Kindest regards,


Bump. Don’t forget about this community members. This has been an issue for a bunch of you.

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It’s that not what blocking is for? Some people are just dumb but it’s not like they are outside your door! Take a few seconds and click the message then click block! Easy!


bump, as crw chat is live and people are seeing what‘s going on in some regions now.


That is the wrong way to go about handling in-game harassment, by just ignoring it, then the problem is passed onto someone else and then they continue to harass others, they should be banned from the game or suspended from global chat. It should not be tolerated and it should not be ignored.


sounds like you are insinuating that you also have alt accounts here, maybe that needs to be looked into.

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I have more fake accounts than coins

Thanks for paying attention to harassment, who can i contact with particular cases?

Blocking doesn’t seem to work. I’ve blocked someone and yet still see him in global chat and my players blocked list is empty, even though I click on his avi and shows he’s blocked. So seems the block option isn’t working like it should.

You can block them in gc AND pm’s.
Two different blockings.

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Easier said than done if they find out ur real name and look u up on facebook and instagram and start harassinf u everywhere…