In game green font text


Has anyone ever seen that before? Lol


Yeah…you late is all


Been there forever, you can change the text color by typing ^ and then a number. So it would look like this " ^2 " for green, then type your message. Each number is a different color.


Yeah but how do you do it in your name??? I’ve never seen that in almost 3 years.


Me neither I just realized it was their name. The carrot and number doesn’t work on the name. The only thing I can think of it’s the keyboard app they’re using, it must have the ability to change font color as well as font. Pretty cool.

After a lot of googling and searching the play store I found a few apps that allow you to change your typed text color and font for like the HTC and some other higher end phones. Of course it’s not for my phone lol I have “Fancy Key keyboard” which lets me change font but not color.


fooking russians. scopely advocates and supports people that use and other modification websites. Keep on surviving!


Lmao its a keyboard app. Nothing to do with vk or anything of that sort.


What! I just paid for pink text and I coulda done it myself… Fml


Of course, if someone is Russian that immediately means they must cheat through VK. Which corner of the globe are you from? Interested to see what unfounded stereotypes we can peddle.

Now, where did I put that pot of tea?


I would be afraid to try that out if it’s true cause I would probably end up getting reported several times.


With the help of other programs, she herself did


They downloaded some free app forgot it’s name tho sorry


Right next to your crumpets :grin:


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