In game chat loading

sorry if this was already asked. my game started saying loading to server and wont load. anyone still having this prob. or how to fix

I went to support with this problem.

First of all I got automated messages thinking I was complaining I couldn’t get in to my account to play. When I finally got past that, they blamed my WiFi connection and told me to leave my phone on for 15 mins near a good connection.

Personally I think it is a programming glitch. Switching the game off and restarting sometimes helps.

Interestingly, my other half plays in my faction and can see my comments even though my phone is saying that the connection failed. And his phone, which is an older iPhone than mine, is connected to the same WiFi and mysteriously does not have a problem. Go figure.

yeah it always screws up and eventually fix its self. i sent a message to support then it magically worked again thankfully before war started.

Lololol this person went all out for the trolling

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