In game chat box and other issues


The in game chat box really should always default to faction chat. Currently it is all over the place. Global, solo league chat, faction league chat, territory log, and event chat. You should not have to scroll to find the chat that you want. And considering most players are wanting their faction chat I see no reason why you guys can’t default it to faction chat. The simple solution would be to allow a player to disable the chat they do not want to see at the time.

Also, all of the pop up’s that we get during war is ridicules. I see no reason why we have any kind of pop up during a war battle. Once we are in battle there should be no distractions.

And while I am at it. This territory issue is driving most regions mad. As if it wasn’t bad enough that the trophy hunters leave most for walkers, there are also so many glitches that cause you to get booted from game while taking a territory before you apply defense, causing it to go to walkers. It is hard to tell which ones are doing it on purpose and which are doing it because there are glitches that you guys are aware of but have not addressed.


Thanks for the report.

I’ve logged in the suggestion of having the Faction Chat enforced to being the default one.

The state of Territories feeds in numerous debate among the community, and we’re also still discussing it as a team. The upcoming game update will fix an issue where the game ‘relogs’ during Territory battles, and we reserve the right to push further amendments to the feature down the line.


After what seems like more than a YEAR, finally my game will start to reboot less & crash less.
But this also happens when defense teams are kicked out.


A territory reboot fix on the horizon?!?! :open_mouth:



Also stop with all the dang territory pop up updates when you load the game. For two minutes I can’t click anything because of the ridiculous territory notifications. Such a horrible feature.


they really lawyered you up on your visit to the head office?


I think for chat box is easy to do the change.
Can anyone inform if this is created with a database (SQLite) or its more complicated?


Ahaha :nerd_face:

Just a fancy way to say that the feature can still be amended indeed :wink:


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