In Faction Trading System



A large amount of players have discussed this topic many of times, and it is time to revive the topic

With the “boss event,” it shows that Scopley has the abilities to add coding that gives faction leaders more power to control the game and issue privileges to their faction members.

So why can’t a trading system be created where the faction leader issues tickets to conduct trading. When players are issued tickets and conduct trades they are locked into a faction for a period of time not exceeding 30 -45 days? This way the trading system is not abused with players hopping from faction to faction just to trade.

With modern game play and Scopley handing toons out like Halloween candy there is no reason to worry about museum collection abuse.


I like this idea. Not sure a ticket is needed but locked in for a while would be a good start.


They should considered this a long time ago


No,there should never be trading of anything. As mentioned over and over and over again it ends up being cheating and breaks the game. I have seen it in other games


It always comes down to someone complaining about cheating. Sure there may be ways to exploit and manipulate a trading system.

This is why rules should be in place, to prevent such. If faction leaders are willing to hinder their faction’s performance than so be it.


Farmers , hackers , coders black markets. Seen it all before just to trade. Nope I would walk away cold after two years of game play if trading ever started. Should never be allowed.


Bweaver, I am sure that you will be missed.

All that you mentioned is being done now through 3rd party services. I hope that you have good walking shoes.

A structured trading system with rules could prevent and slow down 3rd party progress. Think bigger than the box that you are in. :grin:


Lol who cares about me . It’s just pretty silly to suggest a game breaking mechanic so you can have a trivial trade. You simply haven’t factored the big picture. Nothing should ever be traded in this game.


Once again, think outside your tiny soap-box.


I would love to see a trading system in game. The idea that it opens up cheating is stupid, so let’s move on from that. I don’t see why faction members shouldn’t be allowed to trade dupe toons, or give eachother RSS during events to help get milestones. The whole point of factions is to create a sense of community in game, why shouldn’t we be able to support each other in new ways?


Do you really need me give you an example ,or are you one of those people that are just looking for the next thing to exploit ?
Ok here’s an example. Bob creates multiple accounts takes the free pulls combines them. How bout this that exclusive level up piece traded between ur rival faction members because they won a level up and have more pulls. The list goes on and on.
Trading systems create black markets and can be corrupted. I have played multiple games where this has occurred.
I literally knew a guy that wrote code to open new accounts just for the freebies like cans ( imagine someone selling raid cans at .15 ) so contrary to what you think 45 pull I am looking at a way bigger picture.


There will always be exploits, cheating, 3rd party sources and someone who knows someone.

I absoluting agree with SteveSanguine!

Those who think it will open a floodgate for cheating need to get over themselves and stop being a sour-grape.

30 active players can do more than 1 person with 30 accounts.


It will make cheating easier, no doubt.


Allowing any kind of trading would kill this game, it opens all kinds of exploits and cheating