In-Faction Mini Events




please pass along thankyou!!!

hello walking dead creators. im a leader of one of the factions and i have been discussing with my co leader an what not about how it would be a good idea to put a feature in the game where only the leaders of a faction can create mini events for in faction competitions. except the leader could give a prize to the winner of the event to the winnung person in there faction of coins, characters, weapons, gear, tokens, survivors, and ect… the prizes tho would come from the leaders own stash and of there own choice when they create the mini events. the mini events would not effect the other factions or regions in any way. its a way for the leaders to get a the people in there faction to work with there faction better and a good way for the leaders to give things out to other faction members that they might need to make there teams stronger.


Love this idea my faction all ready has rewards for players who do well in events but this would be a great addition


If the leader could get coins, stun and AD weapons, ultra rear to legendary characters, and Premier Elite tokens easier than the rest of the faction, it can easily be passed down in a slow but surely way to other members of the faction, allowing them to grow stronger faster rather than doing things on their own. This is an idea that’s WAAAAAAAY too good to be true. Realistically, if Scopely were to implement something like this, it would be done like any other tourney, except you would be given even smaller rewards, given that this is done within a faction. Therefore, you could get a small boost towards pulls and some needed gear. But if you want to get somewhere, you still have to pay and/or participate in public tourneys.


how do you give rewards to other member in ur faction other then promotions?


how do I send this idea straight to the creators?


Tag @kalishane and hope she passes the idea to the devs and they make some changes to it to make it so both they and the players win in the situation.




I do not need any more in-faction competition. Rewarding at Faction Assault iscausing enough hard feelings already.


We created our own in faction mini event which was very fun for all involved. We used the new Friendly Duels feature to do this.

5 Faction members are chosen at random to become the “defenders” and the other 25 faction members attack the 5 defenders and points are awarded depending on performance. Strict restrictions are placed on the toons that can be used.
There are 3 rounds and the defenders change their defense team for each round. You get 1 point for each toon you have alive after each raid. 5 = 5 alive, 0 - 0 alive etc. The total points from each of the 5 raids are added up and that is your final score from that round. The lowest 10 scorers are eliminated from round 1, the 10 lowest scorers are again eliminated from round 2 leaving only 5 members fighting in round 3.

These are the restrictions we placed on the last event we ran:

Round 1:
Defenders and attackers can only use Melee toons. The attacking team must not have a leader skill. (This was more difficult that it sounds.)
Round 2:
Defenders and attackers can only use 5stars. Attackers can only use RED toons. (Naturally, defenders used all blue teams, which was extremely hard)
Round 3:
Defenders and attackers can only use 5stars. Attackers can only use 4 toons.

Obviously we can’t give out in game prizes but the winner has bragging rights until the next tournament.


This sounds a lot like in game trading, which won’t happen. Someone hops into a faction to give away a t4 character and everyone else sits back and watches… no thanks


I would be more prone to giving gear away I just thru characters in there as an option.