In-app Purchase Bug on express token deal


So I decided to buy the Express token deal and when I inputted my payment details it made an error for some reason twice in a row then it worked on the 3rd try. When I checked my Bank Acc however, the price got reduced per transaction despite only being able to buy the express token deal once (It’s only a one time purchase anyway) and yeah, I only got 2 express tokens too. I know it isnt much money lost but it’s still my money so I wanted to ask for help how to somehow retrieve the lost cash?
Would greatly appreciate any help, my currency is PHP (Philippine Peso) btw.


Additional proof, google playstore showing that i only bought the deal once despite being charge thrice the amount, despite the purchase history on my bank showing i bought an item thrice.


Google play, request a refund, give them these 2 Screenshots


Ok will do, I thought it was scopely’s concern but I guess it should be googl play’s. Thanks


If you throw more money at Scopely, they will definitely change their ways. Keep up the good work. :+1::man_shrugging:


Any idea what these tokens are going to be 4


Stash that’s up


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