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A few of my fac mates have the new Magna, and I’ve done extensive testing to provide them with information regarding when her active skill will go off. The ones I’ve faced have an active skill level of 5/8, which states that her skill is ready for use on turn 4. After varying parameters, I can safely say:

Her skill has no rhyme or reason regarding its activation.

I’ve defended for 15 turns and nothing. Slowly whittled down her health for 15 turns and nothing. Tried a double shield team… nada. Killed 4/5 with her left standing… nope.

At first I thought she wasn’t using it because she had full or > X% health, but that doesn’t seem to affect it. I made sure to not bring any status effect weapons, or anyone who could delay her using her skill, and probably tested these teams at least 30 times. In total, she used her skill MAYBE 2-3 times.

I also have a fac mate with 6* Alert Jesus, and have screens of his active skill not functioning at all, i.e., he triggered it and nothing happened.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

@CombatDevIl @CombatMan I’d love your feedback here as well, if possible. Thanks in advance!

As Active Skills have use cap, there is a chance roll to check if AI uses it or not, which is 0% if the Active Skill wouldn’t have any effect, and something greater than 0% if it would have any effect. So, if the active skill would have any effect, AI controlled fighter might not use it because of the failed roll.

As her active is elusive she should never be turned ‘off’ or 0% chance. I must say this system seems unfortunate, would rather build teams based on predictable actives and rushes. The randomness severely limits the team building.

I laugh when I see rushes like Carl’s ap gain take up a turn with no benefit. Either allow us to toggle them on/off or improve the prioritization (ai) system to have smart application of active skills.


Predictability moves away from the core of the game, RNG.


Yeah carls AP gain is really shit if he doesnt give it to someone that couldnt rush on the same turn. It should work as command works really. I dont see why there’s a roll on a active skill in defense. The AI should be smarter. Especially now that attack and defense seems way off balance

Ah yes… Rng… The lazy developers design tool :wink:



Its a game where you build teams to counter build others. Really is disappointing to see lack of Predictability. I’m fine if those actives randomly choose a target, but not being certain when or if they will happen is silly.

Perhaps I want to stagger my actives, or apply them all on the same turn to prevent ap gain for a turn or cause general chaos. Having it be random just makes it a offense asset and often a defense team liability.

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Well, these are designer discussion, maybe @Agrajag would like to drop some ideas.

Much appreciated. Might this be something which could get a rework in a future update?

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I see that things are sometimes a hit and a miss when you design a code. But the AI here sometimes seems totally random. Like on auto attack it would be nice that a char with guardian attacks first when u go against zombies. That way you can guarantee that you have the biggest chance to casts shields on your survivors. This is especially essential in survival road where zombies can one hit kill you with their reflect damage.

Its good that we have a beta server where things are tested, but it should be a constant thing to keep improving. Im not saying scopely is lazy, but on other games i played (f2p) they update the game almost daily to make small tweaks to how AI or skills work.

Maybe it would even be a good idea to have a few anonymous people that test things for the game, hear complaints in their faction, and voice it through one of representatives of the game to the dev team.

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Yea the rolls seems really bad. I mean half the design of a 6* is in their active skill. When routinely testing defenses one of the comments is that actives almost never go off. Hell when it happens to clear stuns/impairs letting someone free to AR, it comes as a big shock because 90% of the time you can guarantee they wont trigger.

Defense is already gimped enough, seems silly to reduce any chance toons have of causing some disruption before their inevitable demise on defense in the game’s current meta. The only defenses that can cause even a slight hiccup are super troll ones with double or triple of michonne, erika etc. Maybe the hope is that mods will bring something into the mix but i just don’t see it doing anything but ending up in the same result of a completely offensive meta.


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