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Greetings Survivors,

We wanted to address the recurring questions in regards to the Chihuahua Plushies Collectible and its potential future re-usage.

At this time, we have no plans to use Chihuahua Plushies in any future events. These plushies were intended for use in a limited-time event and were not intended to be reused at any point.

We apologize for any confusion caused by one of our staff member. As compensation we will be sending out 10 supreme crates to each player.

Thank you for supporting TWD RTS.


@GR.Scopely dont you think this is more what the answer should have been?
I think lot of the players want to be treated somewhat fair and honest.

This really isnt about the plushies, it’s about lack of respect and communication from Scopely to players. Just bit sour how lot of things are just ignored and swept under the rug.


Deadass the supreme crate with 25 gold mods. 25 platinum mods.
20k coins and 15 benedicts would of been better than just a middle finger to us.

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And the stuff inside those crates is???

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Honestly give us anything, I’m tierd of being “promised” shit and only get back disappointment!


It is good that an answer was given, but it still doesnt address everyone who took the information provided ,and hoarded Plushies, that decision was made by the players as a direct response to the information provided by someone in a management position, it would have been no drama’s at all to send every player some Burts. ( Bennies would be best, but that would never happen).

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25 gold mods 25 gold maxed mods
15 benedicts and 20k coins (basically the supreme boxes from pathaways)

A smelling salt, and one bloody shirt.

Thats just disrespectful lmao

Nope. That’s just standard scopely.

I remember back when I was a easy to kill team aka S4 it was 6 star era. And scopely had nice f2p events.

Keep dreaming kid

Was not gonna post tonight as i realised some of you have issues beyond any control. But damn…let it go.


I need a job at scopely… get paid top $$ for mistreating the players.

Sounds like a dominatrix gig

Its Just A Game…Acting like they they owe you…so many drama queens.


For lying they kinda do.

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Damn…dont get me started on your ass…i agreed with last arguement where you do fk all. But i have have love for you. Dont reply…was love.

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The begging for constant compensation for stuff is counter productive it just comes off as entitlement and whining. Really need to pick and choose battles better than this


Damn these forums really need a dislike option big time, some people are just to far up scopleys ass it’s embarrassing!

It sucks cause its another lie, but honestly it was months ago. We all knew they were gone and forgotten. The fact that they actually addressed it is the only part that surprises me.

We’re not getting compensation as per their announcement. Be scandalized by the lie, but don’t bother trying to change their minds, its a waste of time.

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