In 12 days 3 major mistakes

Day of the Dead Unintended Token Conversion, Jonesgate, Faction Onslaught no milestones.

Bravo, in 12 days you guys accomplished to make 3 big errors…

Sad how you only think in profit and not in the player comunity.

Shame on you!


You forget about arena, broken toons, mesh error ,content 2 error


War alt bs

War matchmaking, arenas crashing, territory event where people were losing territory that was stacked above 50k don’t let em off so easy.

Game constantly crashing.
Multiple toons don’t work.

Meusem collections have everything minus the 3200 crate (ironic)


Mistake #4 paid 2.99us$ for arena tickets offer since Monday and never got them

Sad part, compensation (when they give some) are always crap!

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Museum collections stall out.

Scopely cagada tras cagada jajjaj

It’s cute you think they’re mistakes

No company would keep around employees this incompetent if they weren’t performing as instructed.


The milestones being removed was no mistake.

Sweet choicebox

You missed a few:


Now 5 star weapons parts dropped like weekend bags.
Oh but they can roll that back.
But couldn’t roll anything else back?

So much this! Everything is working as intended. Either the higher ups have absolutely no idea what goes on or they know what goes on, it is one of the two. If it is the second thing, that means it is intentional, if not, then they need to be made aware of these things.

Watched videos for coins after the update. No coins in my inbox.

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