In 10 days we get a free Benedict - Who's hyped?

She’s basically a Benedict, a shelf warmer even for the f2p, especially with the gear drys.

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Cant wait most ppl who did first $1 token offer would have got few fast ty/

She’s awful, almost as bad as Hunter. No use for me.

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Shes not that bad, people in this game are weird with their comparisons, shes not an erika, lydia or gabe. Im not putting her on my def team to defend but not using her as a ben either lol come at me with the hate


Y’all f2p should have just asked for a disarm…


She is not help we need decaps… other then shit ty and alpha that dont even hit hard

She is just meh…She can improve my deff team but…

I wouldn’t put her on defense, she’s gonna get rekt by all of the Bryans running around

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If they don’t hit hard enough, you’re not doing it right…


They cant remove full bar a of blue can they… sitting just under 3k base atk

We would have fast decap if they dint remove sandys skill…


You don’t leave them to do all the work on their own. Decent buffer required too. My only issue with these multi revive teams is when I cock things up and accidentally kill someone without Decapitate


I think you need help with teambuilding if you think she’s gonna be entirely useless. I also think you have your expectations set way too high in regards to f2p toons.


nah am good got two Fast ty. 2 months taken get her would think she be bit better then what she is now. Also she does not even give you blue hp on rev

Good for you. No, she gives bonus hp on her active, 300% dmg to a line of enemies, 60% defense and 50% heal to 3 in addition to her revive rush. How is that bad?

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%20 rev, Toon comes back be dead next turn. AGAIN if dint get decaped. that turn

Why did everyone get so shitty about free stuff?

Not got a use for her? Going to burn her in place of a Benedict or Lilith? Good for you.

But it cost you little more than 3 taps and 5 seconds of your time each day


Look what meta we are in she has no use… she be useful way before timeout teams where a thing.

Lets give her a 100% revive then, give everyone an op F2P toon so the so called “whales” can build even stronger teams. Seriously, use those things in your head.

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I’m pumped. I’ll have a 3 revive, human shield, healing and hp giving team. It’s gonna be sweet