Improvements to Survival Club

Hey guys

I’m researching in the survival club, and I like the idea of getting Andrea (one day) but I don’t really think in the lon run it will be worth it ? I mean, faster food (you get that by patience) weapon parts (you get that of disarming weapons) and 1 daily free pull so you can get a 4*, I saw some people got 6* it can happen but chances are small.

I miss some more advantages of those 25bucks. Improvements could be:

  • Faster Reload of Cans
  • Some Tariners for free every week, like a lucky bag with Lilliths, Aden’s, Bens etc. guranteed like 1-2 lilliths and other a draw, maybe like 5 trainers every week
  • A special Sucival Clubhouse where u can trade your stuff / sell it for gold?
  • ofc more characters from the club

What are your thoughts about it ?


Include the coin offer!!!(monthly pass)
1 free weekly sd flip



I think @JB.Scopely need to step up a little… otherwise people will loose interest for it…

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Sorry… :slight_smile: and thanks hehhe

The Survival Clubs need to be tuned, most of the benefits are OK to bad, it doesn´t add so much value. The 1 pull every day seems interesting, but why doesn’t give an stash in exchange of that pull, the unlimited character team cost, the material production and the crafting without parts are pretty useless for me. The food is OK, gives some boost for Lvl up. The +100 character cap is useful but renting +100, getting double production and aexclusive character is awesome, except that the character needs a lot of special items and takes 2-3 months to fully upgrade… The character should be fully upgradable in the month.

Also there should be some exclusive offers or discount on the actual offers for the members, that memership is broken, need a lot of work or at least reduce the price to 14.99 or less.


Wow, people actually kept that thing? I am laughing on the inside and outside.


Aaaaaw so nice and innocent :heart_eyes:
The guy wants more for the same price and asks Scopely.
(Insert a puppy gif here)


Here is what I think that SC need an update

  • Include 30 day pass
  • Instead of a free day pull get a wheel spin (Choice will be 50 or 100 tokens (any), Trainers (any), Lvl up Trainers (any), 6* Gear (Any), Toon (Guaranteed 5* and above)
  • Reduction on World and Raid Energy cool down timer
  • 10% reduction on all Offers …

Yup we are on the same page here, I’m totally agree. Scopely should see this… I hope they will

Oh they will see it they just don’t care

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Scopely definitely needs to improve survival club but as far as free daily pulls go, I was able to pull 6* Sophia a few days ago, so that means the daily pull feature isn’t completely useless.

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Do u really think @jb.scopley will reply to this or pass it on? Since it makes since he won’t pass it on and if it actually gets passed on it will b laughed at since it makes sense

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See no reply as thought. Shows how much they like good ideas. Oh wait it doesn’t help scopely earn more money so no response

Thats sad

I’m reading the thread and logging all the input - thanks for those suggestions.

The Survivors Club is indeed likely to evolve overtime and offer additional perks.


so scopely will make a survival club inside of the suurvival club, so you can keep surviving while surviving! :joy: :rofl:


If the monthly pass was included, i would still be subscribed.


I like the idea about refills.
Or faster world refill energy or lower cost for world roadmap.

Trading won’t happen.

Lillith, Aden or Uylsses would be handy too.

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That s why I was sayi n one free market flip, if u choose u can flip the sr market and possibly buy aidens with sd points. They aren’t giving something for free per say, but giving us the opportunity to use our resources more efficiently.

Yeh just what we need more rng