Improvements in Faction Assault - Insertion of new strategy

Bellow there’s a suggestion to improve Faction Assault strategy, which I believe will bring benefits to both the players as much to Scopely.

Key points:
Insert three differents kinds of rankings for the Facion Assault:

  1. Efficiency Ranking (main and collective):
    Based on the amount of attacks and time (days) to finish the whole Assault (less attacks in less time = better).

  2. Damage Ranking (secondary and individual):
    Same as it is currently, and with the recent improvement of the points based on the difficulty (damage in the most difficult phases = more points).

  3. Tickets Ranking (tertiary and individual):
    Based on the amout of tickets acquired between the Assaults (with possibility of a tie and therefore it’s possible to have more than one top 1, top 2, etc).

Below are the tables of the mentioned rankings:



The basis of this idea is to apply strategy to the Faction Assaults, since the faction that devise the best strategy will be able to finish it in the shortest time and lowest number of attacks. In opposition to what we have today, that it is enough to attack like without any order, plan or sense to achieve a good result.

  • Current Reward System
  • New Reward System

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Best idea I’ve ever read in this forum

I like the idea, certainly better than what is implemented currently.

My comments:

  • How will you measure ticket ranking? Lifetime would not be fair since it penalizes newcomers. What I’m thinking is: the % contribution of the player to the number of tickets used to activate/purchase that particular FA attempt.

    • For example, the faction has 500k assault tickets. Of that 500k, 245k is used to activate T4 FA. The faction members will then be ranked based on how much they contributed to that pool of 245k. It’s more fair since the ones who actually worked for the ticket get more.
  • I honestly would do away with 5* tokens. Unless they revamp the wheel for the better, tokens aren’t a good incentive. What I’m think maybe instead of tokens, lets have earring fragments. These earring fragments can then be turned to the museum in exchange for silver or gold earrings (something like the necklaces we currently have). The RNG factor is still there in the form of bags. This just provides a supplementary and consistent way to get earrings.

Thank you for the feedback!

1 - In fact we’d have a score of tickets separated from the current two. In the one I’ve proposed, the count of tickets would happen between the openings of the Assaults, which means that the accountant would end at the beginning of the Assault and would restart at same point. Therefore, new members would only lose a few days if we take into account that a top faction opens an Assault every 7~8 days.

2 - I totally agree with you, in fact I’m currently working on a text about this matter which I’ll make available here soon and will mark you to see your comment.

Thank you for the feedback!

1 - In fact the Efficiency Ranking is divided equally among the faction members, so the result is collective and everyone receives exactly the same prize. Here’s an example:
The faction finished the Tier 5 of the Assault with 85 attacks, and one member of the group did 0 points of damage because it was ended before he was online in time to participate. The award of this particular member would be:
Situation described in the proposal:
Assault Marker Total = 6100
As calculated: 5040 (less than 90 attacks) + 0 (0 damage) + 1060 (Top 1 in the Tickets Ranking with 8.000 tickets accounted)
Bag = 1
5 Star token = 1000
As calculated: 0 (0 damage) + 1000 (Top 1 in the Tickets Ranking)
Situation as it’s in the current model:
Assault Marker Total = 0
Bag = 0
5 Star token = 0
2 - ok.
3 - I agree with you and I’m working on a suggestion that will contemplate this point of view and I’ll mark you to see your comment.

@kalishane please take a look at this


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