Improvements for the ban system

I think you folks need to work on your auto ban system in the following ways:

  1. Making a warning system: atm you can be banned without warning or the reason of why you got banned. It would be better if ya made it so that folks get a warning before being banned with the reason why they got the warning.

  2. Lower ban times: atm the only ban time i’ve seen is 24 hours. I suggest to lower it to 12 hours or maybe even 8 hours. The reason being getting a 24 hour ban (especially out of nowhere check point 1) will cause you to sit out the full event that’s going on which can cause you to miss out on: milestone, rank rewards and of course leveling your toons in general.

  3. Making the bans reversible: atm once you get banned you are screwed. It says so on your own helpsite that you cant get unbanned. If you get banned without reason or because the autoban system made a mistake or in the current case you not knowing you did something wrong you will be banned without a chance of being unbanned.

These are the 3 points you should improve your autoban system with because you owe it to your customers/players, it will cause to have a more positive experience to them and of course when banned folks cant spent…


How about making the bans be reviewed by real people, like they said they would be?

And not just automatic without any human involvement (such as when people are typing quickly in the chat during the heat of a war battle?

Chalk another Scopley assurance/statement/promise up to being total bollocks


How about actually letting us know what we were banned for? Considering most of the time people don’t actually know what they were banned for, a key part of rehabilitation is letting the offender know what NOT to repeat, right?

Unless they were banned for a totally invalid reason and Scopely don’t want to admit the huge fault in the system…

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I know i put that in my first point of improvements

I agree with all 3 of your points. I understand why they did the ban system but they need to let us know why we are banned in the first place. And Goodluck getting an answer from scopley about why you were banned. I’m sure your faction mates will miss you

how about letting me say jerking off and ■■■■ waffle in an adult game?

There should be some sort of justice system for inappropriate behavior. But from what I’ve seen, this new system isn’t entirely effective. I’m sure that some ppl who deserve bans are getting the hammer. But, there’s also ppl who don’t deserve any sort of punishment that are receiving it nonetheless. Getting a ban for saying F _ ck or sh _ t in a game that uses that same language in its dialogue is ridonkulous. But, if you call someone a
Fa _ _ ot or a ni _ _ er, you deserve to get your account banned for good. Racism and bigotry should never be tolerated. A good gesture would be to assign a small team to deal with in-game punishment. All crimes aren’t the same and punishment should reflect the severity of the offense.

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