Improvement : strategy in defense

Many times, I see defense acting stupidely, and in all way not like the player wanted his charac to play. I think it would be nice to be able to make some defense’s strategies. For exemple :

  • active/desactive ar/as, or use them in certain case only (i think about rick guardian or sandy ligue as, which are used at wrong times) ;
  • tell a command to use his command in priority if an ar is possible ;
  • choose the order of attack (to make disarm strike first), and if they attack one target or all ;

Here some exemples, but there are more to make defense better.

Is it something that other people wants, and have you some other ideas ?


I would like that tbh and get rid of the ap gain defnese gets and their weapons working better and add more strategy

If you get rid of the AP gain, you’ll never defend.

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