Improvement For Gameplay


Please, Scopely, stop those daily, world energy devouring road maps. Increase the drop rate of weapons and Liliths. Give us 6*s as tournement event rewards. Update scavenger missions, fitting the current needs of gameplay. More cans, rush and active skill trainers. Make a difference between diligent and devoted players and non paying, lazy ones. Our game could be much more attractive, if your were willing to improve it. And above all, reduce the number of events. We need to rest from time to time. Major events every second day would be fine. Furthermore, we all need canteens and gps. These items are far too rare to achieve.




Douche canoe




Who told you that you have to participate in every event?


This is the exact opposite of what I feel!


6*s at tier 4 are supposed to be rare.
Plus tier 3 are more than upto the challenge.

The daily Roadmaps world energy is too much. The death mark one especially.

I also agree Lillths Drops need increasing. But some say they get them.
I haven’t since 1st few days they were added.


Oh is that all you want? Just a couple of ideas for the team?