Improved League Competition: Race to the bottom

You have really increased competition in my leagues the race to not do anything to earn league coins is in full swing.

My league is platinum and the bottom 10 people in my league havent scored a point since Wednesday impressive…

I’m not doing so well I’ve scored a few reluctantly to get territory’s and a raid to get faction raid rewards and didn’t play SR atall as didn’t want points from that all to make platinum 1 rather than 5 to get easier coins!

If u wana make more competition in league have it so there is a bigger difference between positions.

For example:
Platinum 1 old system players got between 540-400 coins

New system:
Position 1 gets 650 coin
Position 2 gets 550 coin
Position 3 gets 450 coin
Others in promotion zone get 320 coin
Next 20 positions get 200 coin
Next 20 positions get 150 coin
Demoted players get 50 coin

This would do the job of increasing competition but not feel like a kick in the nuts to all your players!

Atm we have a joke that in my league qualifier half the league have not scored more than a few points since this announcement went live I’ve told my faction I won’t be raiding this weekend because I don’t wana get too higher league placement!

How’s other peoples league’s racing to the bottom aswell?


Way ahead of ya. Already at gold I from plat 5.

Damn nice luck loads of league’s to win before u get stuck with no coin :wink:

It’s actually an incentive to take a season off then u get demoted and you get lots of coin the next season if you come back lol

I don’t think it’s a good strategy tbh… better you save your resources and plan to use them to access diamond. The race on platinum to get on promote zone in my opinion will be much harder than keeping in diamond.

I play 2 accounts I was in diamond and been demoted twice I know I will struggle to hold diamond been winning platinum league’s alot but playing 2 accounts when I have a busy week it’s Impossible not to drop down a division

The highest you can go is to platinum 5 if you started in platinum. Next week is a war week so to get promoted to diamond in a war week you better be prepared to score 400k

already went over the 50k line.
i think in my league they didn’t got the message or they try to reach diamont (atm platinum)

You’re basing that on your experience of a time when relegation from Diamond 1 didn’t mean losing out on coins completely

I usually float between diamond 2 and 3 depending on whether there is war or not that week

But think, there is a massive incentive to not get relegated from Diamond 1 and, if you are in Platinum V, a massive incentive to get promoted.

People who say this won’t drive competition are idiots. It will absolutely drive competition.

What it will do, is kill competition outside Diamond League / Platinum V

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Yup. That’s why I said if it was me I’d plan and save my resources to make diamond. It’s easier and cheaper to fight to stay out of demote zone where you need to stay ahead of 10 usually, than fight to promote zone where you have to stay ahead of 40.

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I will start both accounts in platinum 1 I reckon I’ll make top3 for first few weeks get demoted 4th as I’m out the country on business trip then get top 3 again the next week then when next season starts I’ll take a week off end up in platinum 1 again and start over.

Sounds like Scopely was right making the changes, people will start in platinum 1 and fight for the promotions every week until the last week when they will come back from the beginning and do it all over again next season :slight_smile: it looks like it will be competitive to me at least

Have u been in diamond and platinum the difference between platinum 3 and diamond scores is massive we’ll see if it don’t go to plan I go hammer and tooth next season’s qualifier get myself to diamond quick as possible.
It’s a gamble I’m willing to take

Sounds like you need better teammates. Oh and you should be a better team mate.

And what are you all going to do when you don’t have the currency needed for the league store?

I mean honestly. There’s plenty of reason to still perform.

Be an example and others will follow.

We literally had no means of earning coins aside from video and offers for 3 years. But no, taking it out of terribly inactive players reach is a big deal.

Get active or Uninstall.

But most of all, stop the crying. Try earning it.


You can set up teams for certain scavenger missions to get coins as a bonus or toons to sell for supply points
Hit wars hard and you can avoid demotion and maybe get enough raid cans to tie you over for the next week’s events
Farm gear maps , for gear markers as well as gear
There are just some of the things I’ve done to help me maintain my position in diamond league 2 with relative ease.
Bit of planning goes a long way.


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