Improve War Battle Chest


Hello, how about improving War Battle Chest?

We should have
Lilith (i know it is the same as Aden)
all 4 6* legendary trainers
Silver Ascendance Medals
Legendary Ascendance Medals
5* tokens
Supply Depot Points as usual


All for it as soon as we fix the busted matchmaking.

The problem I see is its next to impossible to pull Aden now so even if they put all thoes trainers in they wouldnt even add up to a 1% chance.


As long as the basic tokens are removed it will be a upgrade no matter what they put in there. I fkin hate basic tokens…


If they would just remove the lame ass one star items and toons from the basic token wheel then they would be valuable. Tons of two stars for level up’s and the ocassional 3 star to sell or ascend.


Agreed I’d be happy with them doing that or with just getting them out of war chest. Even if they took the 1 stars out i still think they make a poor reward in a war chest since overall prizes aren’t good to begin with so I hope they do both. Unfortunately they most likely will do neither.