Improve Arena: Opinion

Here are a few things that I think will help improve arenas and make them something that bridges the gap rather than widening it further. (Not by much, just a bit better.)

There are Six Arenas in a week now, Make it Seven. Three Domination and three Endurance plus Champions. Ensure modes like draft and old school remain domination only. The Champion Arena can be either but entry restricted to Golden Tickets only. No coining in.

Remove Veteran Rings from being exclusive to Arena Rewards, maybe its time for a 6-star gear and VR roadmap? or at the very least reduce the number. Maybe 5 for #1 and then in descending order but also, every participant should get one at least. This need not apply in Champions Arena.

Find a better way for players to earn champions tickets. (either make it top 10-15 arena rewards only or change up the milestones so that people who buy a ton of arena tickets don’t automatically get a 5x entry and then some. I have no ideas here, would be great if someone pitched in theirs.

Remove the trophies from all arenas except champions. Scale down the number received in champions. This will make each arena seem less a chore and ensure that people who play the game regularly but aren’t willing to spend on tickets don’t get demoted and make their hard work feel wasted.

This is just my opinion, could be flawed. Post your thoughts, please.


Or no endurance ever again


This would be an easy fix for the problem, but it would hit revenues. Right now a lot of people are probably spending to re-enter champions arena as they know they would make up the coins they’ve spent from the Champion’s Rewards and also the Leagues rewards.

You can come in at the end and take all the points.Not really a fan of this type of gameplay.

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Figure out something to give aside from silvers medals , they suck and after a certain point rank wise there’s no reason to bother

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Scaling the cost to replay would be the best option.
First re-entry 250
2nd 500
3rd 1000
4th 5000
5th 10000
6th to infinity would be 2500 added to the 10k

Scopely really is cutting itself at the knees not charging this. This could have been their biggest revenue generator in the game.

Another HuGE flaw I’ve discovered for diamond league compared to last week. There are 62 people in my arena. 2 have not yet competed. Only the top 32 receive any rewards at all. The bottom 28 receive nothing. With it being endurance, simply put, if you do not pay, you get nothing.

That being said, if I don’t play, I get no rewards…if I do play, and don’t place high enough or spend to get higher ranking, I get no rewards…so why bother playing for nothing?

The simple fix is to make sure all positions get some type or reward…not making it a strictly p2p event.

For arena tickets, having them drop in raids/hordes is a very easy option. That way you get a nice added bonus. You’d still have to work for them, but they’d be attainable without spending that way.


Also to add to my last comment, this would be a awesome way to get the spenders spending against each other. With it being tied to league with in a short time only they would be at the top. Scope could then put them all in the same league, it would open up the wallets faster then anything they’ve tried in the past.

And boom goes the dynamite

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Simpler solution, drop to platinum :man_shrugging:. That’s how they want it

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