Impossible survivor's club missions

Scopely can you explain me how i can get 143 comics in 42 days? even with museum i can only get 45 comics… how can i get 100 comics in 6 weeks when i can only get ten of them by a week when i use my blue radio for the plan?.. thank you for showing me zachary… but i will never get it. that is disgusting… i will never have 160 comics…


Since i canceled survivors club…i have 83 comics saved…so i may be able to do it.
The problem is: i just do not care


This is for long time members who saved their comic books instead of spending on Julie or Andrea upgrade

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You must be new. Let me bring you up to speed. This is Scopely when it comes to math:



This is really spot on


the problem is i used many of them i have julie class 4 and Andrea class 3 … but i am so disappointed not being able to collect enough comics to get a REAL good character… so sad :frowning:

I’m sure there will be a lovely “exclusive” offer for you Survivors Chumps members enabling you to spend even more than your current subscription in order to get sufficient comics.

K£€P $urviving

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Andrea at start of SC was a mess due to roll back (#Andreagate), however, as a value point I think they nailed it by giving the toon outright. I was a bit put off by having to “purchase” my next toon, Julie, the next go from museum. It seems round 3 of the SC is really just missing the mark completely here.


FYI those r special edition comics not the ones u get by blue radio :wink:

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If you were one of the few that were able to save comics; then it’s possible to get zach.

what would be funny is if this.zach needs comics to level

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No,they are the same thing.

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Question for those who have Julie and Andrea ascended…

Does Andrea require comics to level once ascended?

Does Julie require comics to level?

I have a few comics left from when I did have SC and just trying to decide how to best use them. With the new weekly events I could either ascend Andrea or get Julie next month

Yes and yes

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Wait what?

Every SC toon requires comics the whole time

They did this in hopes that all the cancelled members would rejoin. Honestly scopley is known for making big deals out of toons that by time they are useable they have no place in the meta. Andrea had a slight window for a big on turn 1 defenses for people who needed a rainbow lead. Julie is ok but let’s be real we have regina who is just as good, some could say better. And now they are charging comics that people on average get 6 a week to get choice 1, donny who is ascendable.( yes some havent had luck I know) choice 2 Jesus who shined months ago and now 90%of people who have him dont use him. And choice 3 the one that most could use and would actually make a difference to many is guess what…basically out of reach…like tara was when useful, all these toons who need special gear to get and upgrade, and let’s not forget this insanity of needing dinosaurs to get this and this to get that then do a magic trick and finally receive something that you need 100000 of to get a toon that needs special gear🤗

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F2p or non sc choices are either Julie or donnie. (Donnie so you dont need comics) In total if you can get 50 before the end of the deadline maybe jesus.

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Luckily the bonus toons dont need em. So if you’re like me and on kindle. Grind for donnie instead of julie.

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