Impossible situations during war

My group and I are dismayed with this current war. I have a L9 team with complete tier (90) complete skills (8/8) complete adrenaline (10/10), complete mods (all 5 gold and all 15, and I couldn’t beat teams all over the board with lower tiers, adrenaline ect. even when we had all towers. My group came up against all 8 teams loaded with more than one revives and/or shields, which is interesting to me when it’s so hard to get one of these. This didn’t happen just once. We came up against many groups with teams loaded like this. Statistically, it doesn’t make sense; furthermore, if my L9 team can’t beat teams way lower because they have a shield etc., then what’s the point in playing this game? It seems to me that the game is only about making money on your end, which I get is the business model, but as a customer, I’m not impressed that I’ve essential purchased product that is worthless as I can’t beat teams lower statistically than mine. My group and I love war, but if this is how it is, then what is the point in playing or building teams in the game? I just wondered if others felt like something was up with this war?


You’re playing against stronger regions than you’re used to.


What are u using to fight the shield and revive teams? (God help me if i see a def lead :rage:)

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Or needs to pull out the wallet??

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Statistically players here are either

  1. Devalue their time (most players)

  2. Bad with money (an unfortunate few players)

  3. Have more money than they need therefor don’t worry about a few bad pulls (yet fewer unlucky folks)

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It’s boring now. I know most people will defend the game still, but as a F2P that isn’t in a Top 5 faction there is no point in continuing to play. I can’t beat more than 85% of teams, most people have full teams of stun, impair, revives, and shields. While I’m still struggling to even get a second stun weapon for green/red or my first impair/abs 0 weapons.

Opponents go thru my team like butter and at this rate will just get worse. Finally found a new game to play, Disney Heroes, which is actually fun and engaging.

It’s been a good run with TWD RTS but I can’t play this frustrating game anymore. Good luck to those who continue to play.

Yea, quitting as well. This game is a waste of time and ressources. You get abolsutely nothing of value in return.

Statisically you were on of the more solid posters on these boards in the far past. Also statistically nowadays you turned into one of the most annoying ones due to high horse syndrome.

Let the hate consume you.

I’m quitting this game too. Funny thing is a couple of weeks ago I was even considering paying the club for one month, but after a couple of Scopely fuck ups and a very frustrating war I have decided to leave the game. It’s just not worth my time anymore. It never was actually, but I just realized it…

  1. Have an addictive personality (comorbid with some combination of 1 to 3) lol
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Patiently waiting for the “I can attack any defense whatsoever and beat it in 10 seconds” crowd to post videos of their magical feat. :man_shrugging:

And do it 8 times in a row.

Extra bonus if you do it with F2P toons.
Super Extra bonus if you do it with F2P toons w/o mods.
Super Duper Extra bonus if you do it w/o mods and default weapons.
Mega Super Duper Extra bonus if you do it w/o mods and default weapons and 5*s only.


That’s not what they do lol, they say stuff like “ I can beat these super crazy teams in 3 turns with token toons” then they claim it’s a secret…held by their girlfriend…in Canada, we wouldn’t know her

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