This is vital today is 2nd April which means
Google + is officially dead all acounts on it will be deleted TODAY this means that beta is affected
So how will ppl join beta now? And what impact will this have on beta as a whole

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o fuk. gud point mystery man. but i don’t play beta so pfft. but really the main question is what will happen to google play? I am level 45 and dont want to lose my progress on all the achievements i have collected on games.

Google Play’s going nowhere. Just google+ which was Google’s poor venture into the social media market

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Beta has been set up through google+. Thats how you join and supposed to communicate.

edit It attached reply to wrong comment. Meant for 1st one. :upside_down_face:

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Beta tests are now handled internally.

Pretty sure they decided there would be no more updates. Therefor no need for beta. Something or something about the community be unappreciative of their effort.

All android apps are affected. I’d be surprised if Android failed to fill this gap.

So your telling to me to enjoy my free
lvl 90 Alice and harper before they go forever from beta? Since it won’t be thing no more

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