Implementing a 5 ⭐️ war inbetween crw and aow?


Hello all,

I have recently been speaking with other members within my faction about how they would feel if I was to do this post about trying to get Scopely to implement 5 Star Wars inbetween Cross Region War and All Out War.

We all spent a fair bit of time talking about 5 :star: wars and the only 2 reason we believed that it wouldn’t happen is because a few people wouldn’t agree as they have spent a lot of money getting 6 :star: but my answer was those who have spent on sixes would have spent on 5 :star: and that they would still have those available because they would be max levelled or future ascendables so wouldn’t use as fodder.

The second reason why we thought people may not want it is due to the fact a lot of people have left the game along with a lot of people whom have joined and do not have access to 5 :star: like a lot of us veterans do. But I along with others have countered and stated how easy it is to get 5 :star: whether it be through pulls, supply depot, SR depot,league store, 5 star token wheel there is plenty of options to gain 5 :star: toons which most people more than likely do have plenty of.

I personally would love to see 5 Star Wars implemented as it’s old school it’s where this game started, as well that way it would be a new approach within the game and it will be a lot more even as the best 5 :star: toons are a lot more accessible.

@JB.Scopely is this something that could be potentially looked into depending on the response people put forward? I think it would be a awesome implement within the game play as it’s actually different to your normal level up!


IMO, trait specific wars would work better than 5* wars.


Yup bring out a 5* war lemme dust off my ol turn 1 defense team


5 stars deffo but mix it right up as they are more available a lot more of them do trait specific wars as 5 stars would be easy to be done aswell! I’d love to dust off my old 5 :star:


Meanwhile, I’m over here questioning what 5* team I could put together after using so many for fodder


I’m gonna go with a big a no. I used so many of my 5* as fodder since I can couldnt keep them due to roster space.


This is why they should never do it


I used a lot for fodder too but I still kept my main 5*s never gonna get rid of them even if they completely useless


Thankyou for your honest opinion buddy! I do believe that you could easily get 5’s again they are easily accessible! So maybe have abit more of a think on it?? @Chewy


I’m the same Kodak! I kept a lot of my 5’s but my main 5’s that I levelled to 80 are still sat there dusty as anything lol


So what about new players who worked hard and just ascended their first six star or first few six stars using the 8-16 five stars they had. Now they have 1 maybe 2 five stars, so they can’t field and attack or fulll defense, goes sthey just shit outta luck


Nah, no thanks.
This seems like it’s more trouble than it’s worth.


If your new to the game you wouldn’t use 5 star toons to ascend a single 6 as Benedicts are so easily accessible


I’m in a new region, and I’m about to use Earl, and Whispers jesus.
Fuck earl, and Jesus is a dupe.


I think I’m the long run it would be appreciated it’s a different approach and would be great fun I think!


1 star war would be fun in a really tedious way


Reflect damage ftw


1 Star war​:joy::joy: new era haha!


Easily accessible for top players. Pretend u have 10 raid fills next raid event, see how many Benedict’s u get. Don’t place top 200 in a level up. It’s easy to forget the sheer lack of resources a young level player has. I have forgot myself at times. A guy on this thread even said he just used most of his as fodder and has little to none left. The idea is good, i wouldn’t mind personally but u allienate a portion of people


Nah this just couldn’t work tho I like the idea.You would have to take out Priya the Armory mods etc.