Impaired chars can't rush although they have focus

Hi there,
The last few weeks I sometimes get that bug, impair is still working although my chars have focus on

Here’s the proof, it doesn’t happen all the time but causes losses in Raids and in war, please fix it

Is foucs remove impair? !!!

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Focus doesn’t let characters rush through impair nor block it from landing

Focus does not clear impair. Focus ONLY prevents taunt and confuse and let’s you attack through a human shield


Sorry, should be thinking before writing, tried to remove the post but it was already flagged

Where are You from?

Your confusion might be because of Alice. Alice gives focus AND cures impair, so it might seem like focus gets rid of impair, when really it’s just a separate thing that Alice does.


Thanks for your help, I think that’s what was confusing me

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