Impair and AP Down Special Weapon Stats Will Get Weaker


This thread isn’t for the many members of this forum who believe that impair and AP down special stats don’t need a buff. Even though impair got weaker with the arrival of 6*…I’m not going to exactly state why impair and ap down will get weaker(you attempt to figure it out) but I will say it has to deal with the “progress” that people are making. Something else that might interest some people is that stun and AD will have an increased value on teams.

To the people who think I’m wrong: Scopely created the armory system and haven’t made any direct changes to any of the special weapon stats. That’s reason enough to believe I’m right.


Actually only stun receives an added benefit of blocking toons from using actives… All others remain the same, but all in all each are easier to counter than before active abilities.


Technically every special weapon stat besides bonus attack got nerfed when they added stun active skills. Just get a shiva and raid anyone.



I’m talking about using active abilities when your impaired, post-6* releases. But that’s not why impair and AP down will get weaker.


See post above.


who cares dude.

The game is basically just Farm city.
What do prizes wars even mean anymore.


Uhhh yeah, no… I don’t understand your insistence of using one example as 100%, definitive reasoning that you’re correct. Correlation does not equate to causation. The reasoning that Impair and AP Down got weaker because the armory system hasn’t been updated is flawed to begin with for multiple reasons.

  1. Why just Impair and AP Down? Shouldn’t all weapon stats get weaker then since the armory system hasn’t been updated? Or are you just picking examples that will resonate better with the response you want?

  2. Impair and AP Down are primarily weaker because of the 6* stats that doesn’t rely so much on ARs anymore. In the 5* meta, stats for characters were similarly identical, with no character having a certain distinguishable role. As such, the only defining trait of a character was his specialist skill and AR. 5* meta was defined by characters with fast and devastating rushes. In the 6* meta, we have different characters that can specialize in offense, defense, or support. Characters like Blue Tyreese has insane amount of attack stats, but low health and defense to balance out that high attack. Characters like Red Rosita have balanced out stats, and act more of a support character with her weapon, active skill, and AR. As such, the mechanic of AP itself is not as important as it once was, making Impair and AP down weaker.

  3. Aside from 6* stats, new specialist and active skills have also made certain weapon special stats weaker, not just Impair and AP down. Specialist skills like Guardian 2 can easily make it unnecessary for Impair, AP down, or Absolute Defense, but how Guardian works has also given incentive for players to use Impair, AP Down, or Stun instead of Absolute Defense. (Eg: Guardian and Absolute Defense are redundant, but while Guardian can block an enemy attack, it doesn’t stop your Stun/Impair/AP Down weapon from taking effect. As such, characters with Impair, Stun, or AP Down benefit more from having Guardian than a character with Absolute Defense.) Active skills like Shiva’s stun has also made “Stun when attacking” partly redundant, giving players a viable option between picking AP Down.

I stopped replying to the other thread because we were essentially getting nowhere. You have your right to believe Impair/AP Down should be buffed, while I have my right to disagree, which is perfectly fine for both of us. Plus, I was too busy playing 50v50 on Fortnite to really care much about what happens the forums or in this game.


Impair and AP Down are primarily weaker because of the 6* stats


Yeah because Scopely has such a great track record of knowing what they’re doing. I mean odds are they nailed how armory weapon specials should work on the 1st try.

  1. No and you know that impair and ap down are weaker than stun and AD.

  2. You pretty much just proved my point so…?

  3. Guardian II is not redundant with a toon equipped with an AD weapon. They mesh incredibly well together.

Don’t understand why you just don’t want impair and ap down to get buffed right away when it’s obvious they’re both weak compared to AD and stun. Seriously, I don’t remember the last time I lost a raid mainly due to impair. I think you and so many other people just want to have an easier time in the game.


Or get 2 Shivas, put stun on both, and auto-attack every raid
/thread over
/war over
/game over

Impair and AP down are junk in the meta now. But you can still get defends against scrubs using blues.

Against legit CRW factions, if you are relying on Impair on defends weapons you gonna get rolled.

Most people in my faction don’t even check weapons anymore, they automatically attack any blue.

For Mirabelle teams I usually just do all 5 attacks against Tyreese and he dies round 1 or has barely any HP left and I can 1 hit him round 2


Impair and stun can be recovered by 6stars with active skills but tell me how do u recover from ap down?


From an AP gain active skill?


How do you recover from AD?


Well u got me there lol, i forgot about that.
But it’s not the same as recover impair or stun because if u use that it will guarantee recover the toons that are really impaired or stunned, you don’t know which toon gonna get the extra ap.


U can’t, just for that i think abs is the best there is, u don’t build up ar while enemy does without taking damage.


It’s actually a little better. If you have multiple toons stunned or impaired, you don’t know which will recover. If you have multiple toons that need AP, you can tell which one is going to get the AP from the active skill by looking at their current AP.


So what i am saying is completely wrong?
Last time i used ap gain it looked random to me.


The ap gain will go to the characters that are close to being filled up

Example. 5 teammates and 2 have 60 ap and the other 3 have 40 ap the ap from active skill like carl will give the ap gain to the 2 that have 60.

So it will just go to the highest ap gain on a toon if am making sense.


Thx for the clarification.
That means ap gain won’t recover ap down because the toons that got hit by ap down will most likely be the ones with the lowest ap.


Don’t need to “recover” because the character that got AP down can still attack.

if my character can still attack, that means I can still use an Active Skill, or weapon attack or my specialist skill.

If I attack AP down with Pirate Zeke, that doesn’t actually hurt my attack , at all. In fact, getting AP down on Zeke is doing me a favor…

That’s the key.

AD is better than AP down for a bunch of reasons, but one is that AD toon doesn’t take damage. The AP down toon, will take damage.

So what? Well that means I can kill a green AP down toon on the first round and negate his special weapon.

AD if you attack with all 5, some might not do any damage.

Impair is the same, except less scary because most blue 6* are damage toons and easily killed.

The blue tank Abe is OK but without 30HP 30DEF weapon and Erika leading, he’s easy to kill with yellows.