Immortal Elites [IE] recruiting!

IE are looking for 1-4 players, so you can bring some friends if you’d like. Timezones aren’t too important as we have a solid coverage in war already.

  • Finished first in region in all (with the exception of last faction levelup) faction events so far;
  • Top 3 in most CRWs - aiming for first again after boosting the overall activity level;
  • Active region which placed first in last CRW (40.5m points) and had 4 factions in top 10;
  • Shared crits;
  • Lots of lowered defences, even outside of raid tournaments.

We’re looking for players who have no issues going beyond milestones in faction events and have a decently strong roster. Spending isnt required, effort is.

If you’re interested or have any more questions, send me a pm :slight_smile:

Edit as of 03/08:
Looking for 4 solid additions. Timezones are irrelevant, must be able to put up decent scores in faction events.

Top 2 in region events.

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I reach the 1st milestone in nearly all the events usually. You might have to wait a while for me though as it’s going to be about two weeks before I watche enough videos for a region transfer key.


Thanks for your interest, but no thanks :slight_smile:

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You probably missed out on a god your loss.


Bump :slight_smile:

Internet Explorer

We’re not as slow :wink:


Bump. Looking for 2 players who feel like they make a good addition to our faction :slight_smile:
As always, feel free to pm me with any questions/inquiries.

Nice job!

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Yall were tough this last weekend

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Get you out of our region and yet you still dominate our wars :roll_eyes: Lol. Good job

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nice! good job!

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you guys were tough…it was fun warring this weekend against you!

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Thanks :smiley:

Bump. Looking for 4 players to replace some inactives/retirees.

  • must be active
  • must be able to hit most milestones in faction events
  • must be able to hit basic meta defences
  • 200k+ war scores highly prefered.

Timezone doesn’t really matter.
Our last 3 CRW finishes were 3rd, 1st and 4th.

As always, pm me if you have any further questions :slight_smile:

RD took first in a few events :stuck_out_tongue:


Good luck IE!

I can hit the basic defences and sometimes I almost even win.

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There is a region line chat.

As Void said, Immortal Elites is looking :slightly_smiling_face: