Imani bug when adding mods

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So far only attack down resist & defense down resist

Can anyone help with this?

Can you give more details? What are you trying to do? What message do you get?

Looks like it’s an issue w the attack and def stats. They’re both at 130

Probably a visual bug only, similar to the weapons showing max 30% boosts even though real battle performance was unaffected. Still something that needs addressing to avoid confusion

Visual bug

No it’s not just visual. I applied each and imani went down immediately.

No message. Just the real change in stats. I thought it might be a visual bug, but no. I applied the mods and the resulting stats were true

I tried in game and the stat “nerf” didn’t apply, it’s nothing to worry about

I didn’t notice the stat difference until someone pointed it out. When you know what you’re looking at, it’s obvious, but my mind was on a different type of problem.

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