Imagine Charlie but

With 35% heal to himself on his rush.
Instead of the 35% defence.

This would make him usefullier

Small changes rule the world

But don’t you want him to keep his health below 75%

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Why. Maniac and Weaponskill together either every second round taunt

The weapon only works if he gets attacked in the first place.

What @RedReaper said. The taunt only works when he is being attacked so it may never proc. I would rather take guaranteed 50% AP and rush every second turn than the off chance I taunt an opponent


I’m gonna get him maxed out. I got a gator but once I get charlie to 6 star gator is gonna go to my 2nd team.

So an I missing something. Is his weapon taunt when hit or taunt when attacking

When hit. Not when attacking.

Wish they would of clarified that before I bought him

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Well doesn’t really take away from his usefulness. Get him below 75%, he gets half of his AP each turn. Endless rushing until healed or dead. Plus the weapon can still be useful if used right.

So we just gonna ignore this?



If something is more useful than expected

If that was a term, which I highly doubt, it wouldn’t have an I in it.

More useful…

That’s all I have to add. Sorry rubbed me wrong.




It was supposed to be on attack. Its gonna get fixed.

Yep. But at the time of that comment we didn’t know that.

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It is being changed to when attacking, GR made a comment about it. Some are upset and some on happy its being changed. Im happy it is being changed, shields will now need to have taunt resist, replacing one mod on them.


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Save resources and link the post next time. The forum has a useful function for that. :wink: